Archive Monthly Archives: August 2013

Power to Stand on Your Own

Here’s what the oracle says about it…

The earthen container of your body is needed for you to be a separate, individuated being. With the gift of a body, you must develop the power to stand on your own–complete and whole unto yourself. Only after developing this inner power can you fully function in inter-dependent ways with others.

In what ways do you need to strengthen your ability to stand on your own? In life? In business? With your creation skills?

Take a couple minutes and tune into this message from Earth and write down the guidance you receive. You’ll be glad you did.


The Power of Elemental Air

Intention is the powerful tool of air. A strong, clear intention creates an effective mental container in which a desire can come to life. Actively setting an intention before starting something new helps you fully define your desires. Notice where in life you are not getting your desired result and look at what your intention really is.

Do you need to be clearer? Do you have an unconscious intent for something else? How can you more effectively use the air power of intention?

Write down the guidance you receive after taking a couple minutes and tune into this message from the element of Air.