Archive Monthly Archives: October 2013

Lets start our journey.

Filling our lives with noise and business so we do not have to pause and see the truth residing within the core of our being
Hiding forever darkened from the bountiful secrets of this wondrous universe because no longer have quiet time
Still in our mind, our hearts and souls connecting to the universe that we are intrinsically connected to by matter by bone
We are all made of the same particles just shape shifting to take on the form we have in this life time
Caught in the wrap of egos great farce racing headlong without a thought of the damage to our being
Lost in the wilderness of our driven cities disconnected from the wisdom that wishes to enter our universe
Many no longer able to connect to the skies above our father son, mother moon the magical stars and great spirit are hidden from vireceive a breath and startew
Polluted sludge spreading out across our skies, it stifles
Break free turn it all off and go outside. Touch. Feel. Breath. Listen.
You are alive, it is beholden that you receive your breath and simply live

Consiously activating our dreams

This was once a page started for an assignment, however it was created with purpose. The assignment long completed. You will now see over the coming weeks the projection into our created conscious future together.Image