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River Rubies

River Rubies

We begin as we always end

River Rubies!

River Rubies!

Enveloped in the cycle of life

Always connect, always knowing

Our journey along this path is true

We release the old so the new may flourish

Enriched by the wild patterns of life

When you find yourself closing

Call Kali to your new beginnings, release the old

Go back to the river and let it flow

Shine your light and never turn your back

On your innate creative being and life

Send negativity in all its presentations

Down the archival river that dwells in the past

Respond with your instinctual wisdom

Allowing your known soul to flow

Run down to the river when it rains, stand in it up to your knees

Feel the rain fall steadily down your being

Soak as much as you can the rain drops are rubies filling your heart

Firing up your creative desires

Pick up the threads and create your inner fire

So you’re scared. So what. Let your fears pass

Let them bit you if they must

Then laugh at them for they own you no more

Put precious time aside each day to create your life

Never, but never allow intrusion. This is your time alone

To bring your creations into being to grow your featherlings,

Weave your soul spinning; sew the coloured coat of your life

If you get stuck, stay with it, feel it, believe it, release it

For once you dare give yourself time

You will fire into your true hearts desire

Your dreams will free, they will guide you through the portal

Become your soul’s police

Bare your incisors at unwanted intruders

Protect with all your being the craft of your inner desires

Soak up the ebb and flow of life

Linking to the patterns of the moon and the tides

See your clear reflection in the river deep draft

Whenever you get stuck

Go down to the river on those rainy days and night

Collect those ruby rain drops

Entering gracefully into your heart

Through the mists of time

My story which is your story meanders through the mists of time flying to spaces and places that have always inspired and ask us once more to delve into the realms of opportunity, hope an love that they offer. Go inside, the sirens have gathered and hear the trumpets call you.images

The Seraphin angels gather and summons the sirens to call

Standing at the four corners of the world right hands held high

Calling the fae folk and elves to deliver the Dung Chens

Providing the support for the celestial music to pour from the horns

As the arcs of light spread across the brilliant twilight sky

This heralds their call in unison to the world below

The light beings, the priests and priestesses gather

Hearing the call of the Sirens playing the Dung Chen though the land

They gather in the four corners of the world they know

Walking in lines with a peaceful steady gate

Carrying their orbs of light held out in their right hands

All the great merlins are gathering, The Morgans, Rhiannon, Nimue and more

Orchestrated by the greatest sage of all times

The wise Taliesin standing in the centre of Stonehenge

Drawing in the four corners of this world that is below

The columns of enlightened light beings – the priests and priestesses

Are intrinsically being drawn to the light and sounds that they know

Other beings are gathering around, drawn by the peace enveloping the lands

Gathering quietly in the plains all around, feeling the honour that abounds

This great alter that was placed upon sacred ground many ancient moons ago

As Taliesin raises his eyes and hands to the heavens

The light beings, priests and priestesses raise their orbs of light in unison

Creating a pure funnel of light to the heavens above

Reaching the Spirit keepers for their celestial blessings

The light then spills outwards and back down and over the lands below

Bringing the liquid love of life to those who have gathered to feel and to taste

The sirens once more sound the Dung Chens

Taliesin summons the gifts of the East, the eagle, the rising sun, new growth and the communication of the heart, mind and body

Taliesin summons the gifts of the South, the serpent, the heat of passion, of the light to light dark times and the warmth of hearth and home

Taliesin summons the gifts of the West, the jaguar, the water, the womb, the gateway to the world below, the compassion of the seven seas

Taliesin summons the gifts of the North, hummingbird, the ancient wisdom of the winds and the souls rebirth

The grounds below have given their blessing as has great spirit from above

For under this sky all celebrate the great rituals of these times

For this is the time beyond time, that which is fortold will be

And we are there to celebrate as we have light in our hearts

Radiant light beings we are now, as through the portal we have grown.

Free to walk with the ancient ones, keepers of the wisdom we now share