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“There is a vit…

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy,
a quickening that is translated through you into
action; and because there is only one of you in all time,
this expression is unique. If you block it, it will never
exist through any other medium and it will be lost.
The world will not have it. You must keep that
channel open. It is not for you to determine how
good it is, nor how valuable, nor how it compares
with other expressions. It is for you to keep
it yours, clearly and directly.”
Martha Graham

Do Your Bones Know Freedom?

Do your bones know freedom,

does your heart know peace

Walking down freedoms path

Walking down freedoms path

Breathe and be at one with the universal wisdom that abounds

Surrender to each unfolding moment, enjoy the dance of life

Trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be right know

That your inner truth shines through and has brought you here

The unfolding beauty that is within unfurls before our eyes

When you understand that life unfolds its own way

Smile your peace and others will respond to the love you shine


Forceful belligerent behaviour does little to serve you well

Creating stresses and strains throughout your being

Manifesting in the emotional pains that ooze through your being

Look another way and see the other persons viewpoint

It may be different from your own, but it matters not

Everyone one of us has a kernel of love to share

Look long and hard enough at yourself to see it in others

Breathe your peace and see that life is truly a beautiful being


Shine the delightful light of your heart that is open and free

Laugh often and long and never fail to see the playful bliss

Enjoy the humorous thread that runs through all of life

Never neglect it for it is an important part of lifes journey

This is no disrespect to the sacredness that is life

Laughter simply serves you by honouring your path

With the joy that bubbles up from deep within your sacred being

Gives you a dimension from above and creative promise

Walking down freedoms path

Flying up freedoms path



Howl with the wolves this full moon

With our heads held high we run with the wolves,

Honour this full moon, go outside and howl with the wolves

Honour this full moon, go outside and howl with the wolves

Wild and free living our instinctual lives

The winds enjoy our play, the clouds shape shift to protect us

The wolves hear the voices of the clouds and know their ways

We have come to honour them

We wish to give back their lands and  learn their language

No longer fearful accepting we all have enough to share

Wild women and men have reclaimed their desires

Throw caution to the winds and now run free

Once we women and wolves were both endangered species

However we have now come to the time beyond time

Survivors both, reclaiming our birthright

One day we looked into the eyes of the wolves

We saw our soul reflected back in their steady gaze

We wept as we almost took them to the brink of extinction

We ridiculed those who once called and sang their song

The ancient ones of the plains knew the language of the wolves

And knew them to be their spiritual kith and kin

Our ways are the same both seeking a balanced life

Dependent on our family but absolute individuals who’re free

By reconnecting with the wolves we reconnect ourselves

Singing the deeps songs of our souls rebirth

No longer muzzled, meek and on the brink of starvation

Old memories are in-canted back into being as we raise our eyes

Throwing our domesticated wrecked selves to the floor

Rising up to stamp our feet on the ground once more

Tasting the mystic fires of our creative being – never let go

The rules are gone and we are once again wild

No longer a predator nor an aggressor, time has changed

We know when things must die, when they should survive

We can walk away with our heads held high

Stay if that is truly our heart and souls desire

Living the natural life in rhythm with the wolves

They took and showed us the way back to our soul’s fire

No longer closed and living in the shadow lands

We have opened into and are now intuitive soul beings

No longer afraid to bear our incisors and bite back

Seeing the world through thousands of eyes

As we take in all the surrounds of our heartfelt earth

We have balance in our inner and outer world

The power plays and aggressions are gone

As we sit by the fire the wolf mother draws near

We sit together and enjoy the sparks of the flames

Knowing the language the fire speaks

The wolves are no longer afraid to sing their powerful song

Whispering to the winds the song of the ancients

We feel their melodious howl scream through our beings

The haunting voices of our ancestors falling

As they are the keepers of the knowledge of the end of that time

No longer a defiant cry in the soulful wilderness

The songs they sing connect us to our shared lineage

Processing the ability to survive great change in tact

We have both made it to the time beyond time

They honour those humans who connected with them

Now teaching us the true ways of community

As they did long ago when time began

They are our constant through the inner truth of the lives


Star Wisdom and Love

Star Wisdom

Each night before I go to bedimages
I thank the stars above
Because I have you in my life
And you freely give me your love

You’re more to me than just a friend
You’re someone on whom I can depend
I cherish every word you say
It helps me through all of my days

You’ve given me much more than hope
You’ve given me your love
I know that you were sent to me
From someone up above

And in the morning I always know
That in my heart you’ll be
Side by side and our love will grow
Through all eternity

To the heavenly stars shining brightly above


Renewals bright door

Renewals bright door

With heartbreaking beauty she draws them near

The predators feeding from her glowimages

Her wild nature a magnet to those who will

Drink deeply from her and give naught in return

She receives no warmth for herself

As she wanted to be consistently loved

Setting aside those instincts that clearly say

‘enough is enough, be on your way’

Taken advantage of by all who call

Lover, spouse, children, mother, father, strangers all

Her welcoming voice, her warm loving heart

Her soul fire burning so bright for all to see

But unprotected they take as she gives

Freely and often she does not understand

That the gold and diamonds of the ‘love’ she seeks

Are not bound in the cloak of those gathered around

On her hands and knees she sees herself

Victim of the mind enslaved in ’loves call’

She slowly perceives that this is not the way

Determined she sucks air deep into her being

Stands surely in her power, placing restrictions

On those who call her love away

Slowly she flows into equilibrium

Nurtured as above, as below, balance renewed

No longer bargaining without knowing

Those invitations to drink freely at her well

Are withdrawn, no longer forfeiting potential

She sees and understands the bargain she made

She wilted before but now reclaims the wild

Conscious of her unfolding reality

She grows strong and restores her core

No tears to weep, gracefully diving through renewals door

Isolt’s Garden

Isolt I am never to know his gentle touch,images

Never to feel his breath so close to mine they meld as one

Not destined to join as the gods enjoy

No ecstasy flames to fire

For years now we have been to and fro

Reached out then withdrawn

Now the spark dims for we played too long

Cupid’s arrow always missing the mark

Those smiles, the furtive touches,

The shyness at being lost for words

The physical desire, you could have been my heart’s desire

The gardens of my heart there to be played and won

Our time has passed and as I look back I wonder

Who hurt you so that you dare not chance your heart

Open and beautiful, it is what attracted me

But no you say, no longer looking me in the eye

Yet so often following me everywhere

Especially when you think I am not looking for you

In Isolt’s garden I dance,

The flowers blooming and the sun shining

The sweet smells of hearts desires

Like that of the roses held up, petals falling

Bathed in wafting scent

I miss the thought of you but understand

I cannot take more time as my soul says go

Time to open my heart to new offerings

See what pops up in all dimensions of time

My wish list unchanged, save for the name at the top

You had every quality I desired

However the gods and goddesses decided we were not to be

Thus I rejoice in their wisdom

We have not harmed each other

I hope you consider me your dear friend

And so I dance in Isolt’s auric garden

Blessed and beloved

Knowing my being will know true love

I ask it to come to life for you and for me

As we travel our separate ways