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Avalon dreams us into the gem of our being

The zodiacal age of Pisces, an age now in the process of violently dying from self-inflicted wounds induced through spiritual treason is drawing to a close.

There is a place on Earth where, standing high on a steep hill looking out over a flood plain, suspended between the sky and the underworld, one remembers, finds hope, and reclaims.

And so we hark back to the liquid love of Avalon seeking shelter in her wings and wonder. How we have called her to us though poetry, songs, books of every kind. The mists and wonder of Avalon has touched the hearts of all who have heard her call for millennia.

When was the last time you looked to the night sky above? Mystically and physically the earth was moulded to conform to the harmonies of terrestrial and celestial energy patterns that have existed since time began. The constellations that shine in the sky above are marked into our Earth below. Thus we know the ancient law what is above is below, what is below is above. The zodiacal star constellations are marked out on our Earth and seen above 20,000 feet and it is with surety I state that my ancestors created it. These magical inscriptions here on Earth were formed long before my time this time. I know and play the rhythms of the celestial stars marked upon my mother Earth. The Atlanteans placed these divine symbols here upon my lands as we are both linked by our DNA. Star dust imbues us with the liquid love of those times and now Atlantis and Avalon are both marked by the passage of time, slipping through the veils to the time beyond. Merlin the great sage of my time walked these ancient ways. Privileged was I to partake in many great times officiated by my honoured liege.

Looking skywards I smile watching my flighted ones playing, rolling, soaring and swooping enjoying this timeless sky. I am a contented man. We are all happy here on the Isle of Avalon, the energies and harmonious DNA contained within the original structures of creation breathe the liquid love of our lives. Great Spirit is vibrant and beautiful and watches over our hills for in these lands the dream of the Gods and Goddesses is real. It is foretold that the veils are falling and that we all disappear into the mists of time as we turn our back on our beloved goddesses and follow another way. Pisces will come to rule as a planetary shift moves us into another cosmic drift that will overtake and see man misuse power. My sage friend tells me it is written in the stars above. When I look all I see is love and answers gifted to me by star wisdom, I am not a sage just a simple man, the deepest mysteries of the cosmos elude me, however I do know that we have been intrinsically linked and will be into infinity.

Here and now I know that I will come to know these times within another lifetime. However, sitting here enjoying this inner warmth, watching my dragon fae cavort in the skies I cannot help wonder why it will all have to change.

Avalon is our earthly paradise, our lands are rich and welcoming, a land of plenty where eternal spring, health, and harmony reign.  Here the apple trees, in fact all food-producing plants are so plentiful that no one ever needs to farm our lands. We are lovingly ruled by our goddess, the beautiful enchantress Morgan Le Fay and her sisters, all wonderous healers, here in our gracious Avalon. We are truly alive in an enchanted land that generates and guards our powerful magic.

This sacred place of Avalon is where Arthur, King of Britain’s sword was forged. It is here in Avalon that King Arthur was carried to when mortally wounded. His sister, our Goddess ruler Morgan Le Fay cared for him and healed his wounds. Here in these lands he and Guinevere remain laid to rest and Arthur will remain here until it is time for him to reincarnate and return to rule Britain once again.

Linear time; currently the time of your reading. Looking through the mists I can see this romantic and mysterious tract of country now has earned a long historical pedigree, stretching back over countless millennia into eras of wonderous dreams and endless mystical magical revelations. Human beings who travel to Avalon with the ancient ways deep within their hearts and the disciplines of the old ways are transported and transformed into the liquid ways I know to be our truth. They are fused into a form of cosmic consciousness that reflects the patterns of esoteric memory shaped into the ancient forces and holy mysteries that abound this very landscape now known as Glastonbury, holding within its heart the radiant Isle of Avalon.

Before the last great change the roots of my mysterious ancient times had nothing to do with planetary shift into Pisces and the hierarchical rulers of our present Governments and Christianity. They came lately to my land. My roots are found through a synthesis of the truly ancient ways of pagan ritual and natural, beautiful magical intuition. Roots as old, so deep, so strong; being inviolable to all forms of fleeting desecration. Truly being here on our mother earth since our planet began. My roots are your roots and for you find that place to be still feeling once again in the core of your being.

In our lands magic and mysticism balance our Earth: for our whole panorama is more important and beautiful at its start than in its later misunderstood manifestations. We are not a Christian realm, we are keepers of ancient ways to be honoured and passed on to those whose path is true. When you read the cover of this book we asked that you fairly take and fairly give, that you honour the old ways. Do this and reading these passages is sacred and true for you, should you choose to dishonour the beauty way remember the three fold law will apply to you. Take that which you do not own and profit from it and you will surely see our ancient ways are true.

The auric field of potential that surrounds the Isle of Avalon radiates a vibration of deep core love and wisdom. This vibration first stemming from the personalities and skills of those beings who came to walk these lands during the ancient days. Many modern learned beings continue to insult us; we were more learned than many would dare imagine. Why do you believe that your times are the bestowed with wisdom when you cannot look after our beloved Earth? Millennia before the advent of my forebears the Celtic Druids (c.500s BC) there existed at Glastonbury a race of women and men who shaped the whole terrain to form the magical mystical and astrological patterns that still sit patiently waiting for “modern man” to finally understand. Merlin the great sage of my time walked these ancient ways, you talk of him, but understand little of his wisdom way.

There are Zodiac signs etched in the lands and this is one of those great hidden works that lies at the roots of our lore and religion, blending physical and metaphysical into a divine understanding. That which always was is now coming into being once again to assist us into the new old ways.

The terrestrial zodiacs of Leo, Pisces and Sagittarius and more are shaped shifted on our Earth by the natural features of our lands; hills, earthworks, mounds, artificial water courses, old roads, footpaths, streams, and rivers. They all correspond with the star constellations that shine in our magical sky above. They are an organically real, natural formation of topographical features that form the outlines of the astrological signs which were adapted by shaping through geomancy to make the land born reflections come alive.

Both mystically and physically the earth was moulded to conform to the harmonies of the terrestrial and celestial energy patterns. The grand design is fully apparent only at heights of 20,000 feet and it is obvious that my forebears used an elevated form of spiritual technology to create it. The date of this amazing achievement of antiquity is obscure to you. Some “modern day” researchers suggest the Atlantean era (10,000 BC) while others, with reference to such works as the Dendarah Zodiac from Egypt, date it to 7000-8000 BC. Katherine Maltwood who rediscovered our constellations in 1977 suggested 2700 BC as a recognition point. With a twinkle in my eye and a wry smile parting my lips I look up and know that what is above is below. All is as it should be. It is the journey of humankind in this present realm to discover the place deep inside the heart of all human beings where god and goddess co-exist to answer this question.

The mystical markings of the zodiac on these lands set the unfolding scene for all that followed. The stories of the Round Table, Arthurian quests for revelation and the secrets of a lost sacred way, all stem from the memory of this great work carved upon the face of our Earth by women and men of a bygone era. They linked earth with heaven in a unity that created the harmony of a now-vanished liquid love of the Isle of Avalon. Looking through the mists I can tell you these times are about to return as our mother Earth turns to the age of Aquarius and once more we link with infinity.

The magical ebb and flow around the Isle of Avalon has continued and those who have inherited the lands all fall under her spell.



Orion from the Hubble Telescope used courtesy of NASA