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Hello everyone,

The Munay Ki online course is now available for those who wish it to be.

I have posted a link above. You can receive this course for $50USD for the first 50 to sign up. Usually it is $99 USD. The course is self paced, there is a discussion board for you if you have any questions.

Given tomorrow we have a Super Full Moon, I thought it a great time to post this offer. This Full Moon in Capricorn promises to be potent. With the Sun in Cancer, the archetype of the Mother, and the Moon in Capricorn, the archetype of the Father, the sacred balance and dynamism of the two become illuminated. Maintain a balanced sense of perspective, allow to soft undulating energy of cancer to flow through you with the balance diligent approach of Capricorn settling into you and asking you to move forward.

Take time to ground and reflect, be present to what is being illuminated within. Be present, be joyful, let go and immerse.

If you can take part in a fire ceremony (we will be in our backyard complete with drums, rattles, white sage and cacao bliss balls). Or simply light a candle and sit with the light of the Full Moon pouring its blessings into the core of your being. What ever you choose to do, be present!

Allow the wonder of life to fill you.

Abundant blessings on your path


Full Moon

Full Moon

Hear the Sirens Call You Home

The Seraphin angels gather and summons the sirens to call
Each ones stands at the four corners of the world right hands held high
Calling the fae folk and elves to deliver the Dung Chens
Providing the support for the celestial music to pour from the horns
As the arcs of light spread across the brilliant twilight sky
This heralds their call in unison to the world below
The light beings, the priests and priestesses gather
Hearing the call of the Sirens playing the Dung Chen though the land
And they gather in the four corners of the world they know
Walking in lines with a peaceful steady gate
Carrying their orbs of light held out in their right hands
All the great merlins are gathering, The Morgans, Rhiannon, Nimue and more
Orchestrated by the greatest sage of all times
The wise Taliesin stands in the centre of Stonehenge
Drawing in the four corners of this world that is below
The columns of enlightened light beings – the priests and priestesses
Are intrinsically being drawn to the light and sounds that they know
Other beings are gathering around, drawn by the peace enveloping the lands
Gathering quietly in the plains all around, feeling the honour that abounds
This great alter that was placed upon sacred ground many ancient moons ago
As Taliesin raises his eyes and hands to the heavens
The light beings, priests and priestesses raise their orbs of light in unison
Creating a pure funnel of light to the heavens above
Reaching the Spiritkeepers for their celestial blessings
The light then spills outwards and back down and over the lands below
Bringing the liquid love of life to those who have gathered to feel and to taste
The sirens once more sound the Dung Chens
Taliesin summons the gifts of the East, the eagle, the rising sun, new growth and the communication of the heart, mind and body
Taliesin summons the gifts of the South, the serpent, the heat of passion, of the light to light dark times and the warmth of hearth and home
Taliesin summons the gifts of the West, the jaguar, the water, the womb, the gateway to the world below, the compassion of the seven seas
Taliesin summons the gifts of the North, hummingbird, the ancient wisdom of the winds and the souls rebirth
The grounds below have given their blessing as has great spirit from above
For under this sky is the hand-fasting of the Queen and the King of these times
For this is the time beyond time, that which is foretold will be
And we are there to celebrate as we have light of the Munay Ki in our hearts
Radiant light beings we are now, as through the portal we have grown.

Munay Ki online course

Are you looking for something a little different? How about try the Munay Ki online. Maybe you have done the Munay Ki previously and lost parts of it. Well here is a way to reconnect. First timer? No worries, this course has been tested prior to release so please go ahead with and open heart.
The link below gives you just under a 50%discount. Normally the course is $99 however you can learn and explore your way through the rites for $50 for a limited time. Enjoy the unfolding journey.