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renewals door

Renewals Door

With heartbreaking beauty she draws them near

The predators feeding from her glow

Her wild nature a magnet to those who will

Drink deeply from her and give naught in return

She receives no warmth for herself

As she wanted to be consistently loved

Setting aside those instincts that clearly say

‘enough is enough, be on you way’


Taken advantage of by all who call

Lover, spouse, children, mother, father, strangers all

Her welcoming voice, her warm loving heart

Her soul fire burning so bright for all to see

But unprotected they take as she gives

Freely and often she does not understand

That the gold and diamonds of the ‘love’ she seeks

Are not bound in the cloak of those gathered around


On her hands and knees she sees herself

Victim of the go mind enslaved in ’loves call’

She slowly perceives that this is not the way

Determined she sucks air deep into her being

Stands surely in her power, placing restrictions

On those who call her love away

Slowly she flows into equilibrium

Nurtured as above, as below, balance renewed


No longer bargaining without knowing

Those invitations to drink freely at her well

Are withdrawn, no longer forfeiting potential

She sees and understands the bargain she made

She wilted before but now reclaims the wild

Conscious of her unfolding reality

She grows strong and restores her core

No tears to weep, gracefully diving through renewals door

Full moon night tonight!

Venus in Cancer promotes peace magic, cast your circle and chant or meditate spells for peace in your family. This Full Moon is a very strong Full Moon to change what needs to be changed and remove what no longer serves you i.e. bad luck! It is also very very fortunate and can promote Love and Romantic Magic deep within your soul. May the peace and abundance of this moon touch shine deeply into your hearts.
Make sure you spend a little time meditating under her beauty, look deeply into her soul and she will reveal what you need to know.
In love and light, shine on.