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Sun in our hearts and soulselves

Sun In Our Hearts

We who breathe with the sun in our hearts and spirit in our soulamazing flowers

Cannot be broken no matter how hard a man may try

Stand tall do we in our strength, crying tears that ask why

But understanding that this is just a trial to go through

A step through the soul door will do

Our integrity and trust is intact allowing another veil will lift

Life will go on as we may leave one life behind

Another is waiting for us to arrive, embrace the unknown

We know not what it holds however journey we do with fire in our bellies

Many times we have compromised our wild selves

The thought we savoured an illusion cutting us to shreds

Take those poor decisions and turn back to pure instinct

And you shall soar into the stratospheres, honoured and loved

Dare to feel and dig to the depth of your being to see your true self

She is there wild nature wanting and waiting to restore

Do not betray your soul even though you know soul forgives and grants

Many leases on your life to unfold, showing you your true hand

Always keep in your mind if it is too good to be true then it is

Go back to the basics and see your wild self and honour her

This is no quick fix that is offered to you

Deny it and you will travel again to the depths to renew your spirit self

This journey will test and stun the core of your being

The tasks are set to show your true worth

Emerge as a beautiful butterfly as the honour in your heart shines through

Instinctual nature will drive you to the precipice

Spirit will come and shine for you, listen for her ringing bells

Surrender no more your intuition and instincts as they are your true friend

Those diamonds you are promised are mere grains of sand

That have been turned to pickle your fancy and delight the whims of ego

Step back and remember they are but grains of sand, the same now as before

Ashes to ashes dust to dust we all return from where we came from

The matter we are made of is all the same just shape shifts to you and me

The diamonds and gold you seek are the honouring of your inner souls fire

No greater aim in life do you have but to seek your truth and feel its strength

Take hold of it, seize it, squeeze it, hold it gently and smile with it

As it travels with you every breathe you are honoured to receive

Stand tall wild instinctual soul women of this bountiful Earth

Raise your hand as you receive the light of the Gods

Honouring the core of your being as you stand true