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Dragon Soul

The dragons were slain in vain

image from wikimedia.en

image from wikimedia.en

Never did they use their flame to harm us

Their fire only burned the past

That which no longer serves us

Their fire only ignited the future

That we were to become

By extinguishing the dragon

And their beautiful fire

We extinguished our own Sacred flames and desire

We lost our honour and connection

We lost our ways for millennia

Now we seek to redress the wrong

The dragon should never have been slain

However they retreated and remain

To rekindle our souls pathway

We apologise and ask them

Please visit our hearts

So that we may know

Their fire burning within our flame

Feel their presence

Honour their worth

Brightly burn them back to life

Right the wrongs and step boldly

Back onto the liquid path

That meanders through the veils

And hale we’re home once again

In all dimensions of time

Wolf Medicine is Magical

“If you talk to the animals
they will talk with you
and you will know each other.

If you do not talk to them,
you will not know them, and
what you do not know you will fear.

What one fears, one destroys.”

Chief Dan George

Beautiful wolf run free and wild for you are the mirror image of my very own soul.

Running in the wilderness embodying the beauty of absolute freedom.

Honour them as a symbol of the wild. That which scares us is home to them.

In the ancient times we were raised by the wolves and feared them not.

Look into their eyes, their heart, their soul. Let them tell you about their families.

You will come to know your family by seeking out theirs

They will teach you how to bring balance into your life between yourself and your family.

Never to lose their identity loyal to their pack but individuals for sure.
Let them tell you how to save them.

They do not seek to dominate us, they are happy to share this abundant earth. Simply give them the land they need.

Let them into your heart, to allow the understanding necessary for their preservation.

If you are calling the wolf into your life you are being look at where you are being too dependent and where you may be too independent.

In both family and community there needs to be a balance. The wolf lives the balanced life

Why do we seek to tame that we have not right to tame?

The wolf hears the cloud pass overhead and understands the language of these amazing shape shifters, the language of the lands they love.

The wolf respects, teaches, work in families.

They share love and affection are friendly and intelligent.

Do we fear them because they behave impeccably?

Did you know that Wolves hunt in packs, relying on endurance to run down weak and older animals. They have been known to run around 55 kilometres a day in pursuit. They are the epitome of stamina and strength. With an extremely well developed societal organization, they act together to hunt and raise their young. They do not fight unnecessarily and often go out of their way to avoid fighting. Sometimes a growl, a glance, a posture is all that is necessary to determine dominance. Wolves can teach those with this medicine to know who you are and to develop strength and confidence in what we do.

Wolves symbolize family, teaching, co-operation, insight, stealth, strength, leadership, loyalty, freedom, individuality, psychic energy connected to the moon, sharing knowledge and dreams, wisdom, cunning, hunting, seeking, introspection, listening, magic.

Women Who Run With the Wolves by the wonder filled Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estes is an amazing read to devour and dip into at any time you are looking for inspiration.

image sourced from Wikimedia.en

image sourced from Wikimedia.en