Archive Monthly Archives: January 2015

Morning Song

IMG_1181Morning Song is breathing into your luminous heart, know the oxygen pouring into and through all the membranes in your body.
New beginnings with the sunrise as the sky lightens in the East the ethereal air awaits for your days journey to begin
Greeting the sun as his rays shine through for another unfolding day bringing light and fire into your life.
Feeling the oceans of air ride the waves through you and stop for a moment to think of the plant people who will take your out breath.
This intrinsic giving and receiving connects us to all living things, the cycle of life in its never ceasing dance.
Feel the air whispering its wisdom to you in the winds, enjoy the birdsong that greats each new day.
Face all your fears and turn them over to the element of fire. As above, so below, the gifts of the sun support every life on our planet
Living the intrinsic dance of our lives when the days work is done go after the wonderous pursuits of pleasure
Awaken to the source of the energies within your spirit being and enjoy the warmth of the passage of your life
Feed your soul with the beauty of nature, the wonder of other cultures and ways beyond what you know, set your sights, be pleasure bound
Dance to ignite and dissolve that which no longer serves you, enchanted by the way of the magical flames
Winter has passed for the time being, let the cold times and heaviness go, look to the future of the buds in spring
As new life unfurls before your very eyes asking to join in the dance that is natures way, no longer discouraged on cold groundimages
Instinctively move and feel the natures way, the thaw, the springsong lightening and quickening each step you take
Create your life by the cycle of the season and take up your magic desires with a lightness of hand
Directed by you own inner fire, no longer beholden to the wants and whims of others, standing in honour in your power