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The Trees of Love

The Trees of Love

The trees speak to us of their love for us004

Their love for this sacred Earth

Together we complete the cycle of inspiration

And expiration, both taking what the other gives

They spread their branches of wisdom

For us and others to shelter under

They unfurl new leaves to inspire

Our flight from the mundane

They each have a healing energy

To restore of flagging selves

We only have to ask and be close by

They will give freely to us

Shelter us from the storms of life

They will do this gladly

They cry real tears when they are cut down

And they ask why we hurt ourselves

For when we cut them

We cut part of our own life force

For when we cut them we lose our homes

For the feathered, the four legged and more

We lose shelter from the sun

And the leaves whispering messages from the winds

We no longer see them strong and supple

Swaying in and with the breeze

Our hearts empty and the stars shed a tear

The colours of the rainbow dim their brightness

The clouds no longer form where the trees once where

The rain no longer falls the trees once where

So plant each full moon and rejoiceIMG_2154 low_res

Raise your hands into the air

Then trust them to the earth

Honour the trees as you honour your life

And the trees will honour you

And breathe you in return