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Depression As A Gateway To Inner Peace

How can one possibly say that depression is a gateway to inner peace? When we are depressed, it feels like peace is something only enjoyed by others – never by ourselves. We feel as though we are stuck in this state forever, destined to feel awful. We wake up with a feeling of dread and go to bed feeling the same way.

Yet we can view depression as an experience that can assist us to evolve and to become more whole. This state of being alerts us to the fact that we have disconnected from who we really are and that something is not right with the way we perceive our reality.

When we are fully connected and are comfortable with who we are, and have self-love – there is little room to experience discordance. Life flows in a positive direction and we experience a deep sense of inner wellbeing. In the moments when life does throw us a curve ball, we know how to positively reframe the experience.

Depression as a Gateway to Inner Peace

In this way, depression can be viewed as a gift. It forces us to journey within to root out the illusions and negative/false beliefs we have created about our self. From here, we can make changes to our self-beliefs and the way we interact with others and our environment.

In days gone past, certain indigenous cultures viewed ‘mental illness’ as a spiritual initiation. Members of the tribe sat in ceremony with the sufferer, supporting them while they processed the unintegrated aspects of self. They journeyed with them as they experienced a shamanic death i.e. the death of the ego. The person experienced rebirth and a stronger whole sense of self.

It is a shame that the modern world views depression as a weakness and shuns those who experience its symptoms, because love and understanding is the key to healing.

Many of us cannot know true happiness and joy until we have known the depths of despair. It takes an enormous amount of courage to delve into ourselves to unravel who we are. When we understand and accept the dark and light sides of our nature, we grow and evolve in the most profound ways possible.

When we come out the other side of this process we experience extraordinary self-love and peace. The experience of depression can be a key that unlocks this door.

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Live Without Depression

Healing Depression

In our modern world, the conventional treatment for depression is via medication and engaging in therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist. These conventional practices however, often only focus on the mind and emotions. A person with depression is encouraged to talk about how they feel and to explore solutions with the therapist. This approach can take years and many ‘clients’ remain stuck and frustrated in their experience of depression.

Depression iConquer Your Depression With The Power of Yoga & Meditations experienced not only in the mind and the emotions but also physically and spiritually. One needs to explore all of these aspects to allow effective healing to take place. The sufferer needs to be treated as a whole being. Profound changes will occur if they are guided correctly, with non-judgment and love.

If we positively reframe our perspective about depression we can help ourselves and others to obtain the peace that we desire.

Much love to you on your journey.



Teagan is an International Yoga Teacher and Life Coach. She specialises in treating anxiety and depression. Click her to see her on online program ‘Conquer Your Depression With The Power of Yoga & Meditation’

Imagine That There is a Spark of Light

Imagine that there is a spark of light, a radiating spark out there with your name on it calling you. Now do you see the multiple rays of spiraling light around that divine spark? Look deeply into the core of the light and see. It has rings radiating out from it. Look deeply and see more and more rings radiating outwards touching melting and merging with other light rays and their radiance.

This is spark of light is the source of your truth, your essential light being. It is the container that is stardust incarnated as yourself, the feeding dream memory of all your life times of radiating divinity. See the rings surrounding the source that is you for they are your closest family and friends. Look closely and you can feel their love, their lessons in all their splendour good and otherwise. Radiating spiraling wisdom that flows and merges within us and informs our DNA.

All aspects of learning flow to and from this divine light source, our actual soul source. A wave of radiating energy is rising as you, me and all souls on our beloved mother Earth resonate to a universal tuning fork, responding to a homing signal from across deep space.

Something much bigger than any of us is communicating directly and deliberately – switch on your psychic receptors and antennae and listen and feel the recesses of your knowing turn to the light. Your souls source of deep penetrative knowing. This is bigger than thehearts-69938__180 small me or you.

All aspects of learning feed directly into source. Whether we travel far and wide or sit holding sacred space at home. We are anchoring and radiating the pathways of our journeys. Touching. Interconnected. Knowing. Being. It is time to call in your truth, release any fears that you are holding.

Venus is shining brightly

640px-Venus_globeVenus: Have you had a chance to go outside a look up at the night skies over the last few nights? I have been struck by the luminous beauty of Venus radiating brightly in our skies. Looking up into the sky you can feel the wisdom, the love pouring down into your soul. If you have not been outside to see then I really encourage you do so,

Venus as the Queen of heaven, the highest of all the priestesses is offering us the opportunity to fulfill our heart felt desires. She is actively working with us, all we have to is call on her and you will feel her radiance. It is an opportunity to re-awaken the feminine divine and celebrate being alive.

It is time to get real with all of your hopes and dreams for yourself and humanity. It is time to let go all those old stories that no longer serve you, accept and love yourself on all levels.

It is time to recall the threads of the ancient ones carrying the codes of love that are your very own DNA. Look at how you can work with the spiritual energies that are being gifted so you may manifest your deepest sacred desires.

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Magical Full Moon Aftermath

Magical full moon brought us a glimpse into our future on Tuesday evening. The blessings bestowed are resonating deep within revealing the road ahead. I lite the fire early as the clouds where everywhere and the wind gaining strength. The fire remained alight despite the rain and thus we decided it truly was an evening for great ceremony.

Despite the squalls of rain we cast our circle and received the blessings of the ripe full moon and the radiance our our planet Venus. Orbs spun around in the sky infusing the rhythm of what is to come. The wind swirled around us bringing and the re-seeding our hope and dreams. Updating our wisdom and telling us our innermost thoughts were being heard by the universe.

All ceremony that honours above and below, the fours corners and our guides is working to heal and acts as a soothing balm for our Earth mother. We have pledged our souls and our worth on our small part in healing the friction that abound at this time. The denizens who are bent on destruction shall fall. However we must all play our love filled part to fuel the change we will see.

The calling of the north and south is a wonderful place to feel the knowledge of our Earth mothers in the South drawing in the and blending their powers with the wisdom of ancient ones in infinity.

The Circle is open and re4mains unbroken. Magical ceremony brings us together even though we may be far apart physically we are connected from here to evermore.