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Dream Your Future Into Being

When you step further into the story you came to live, not only does the mythic territory open, but the deep Self moves and the world of imagination and meaning comes towards you” Michael Meade

Have you asked yourself today, “What am I dreaming into being?” Did I dream that? Yes then move with it. Believe it, taste it, hear it, feel it into being.

It may feel as if everything is happening all at once as dramas, overload and burnout magnify the collective energy field. Allow yourself to literally be the witness in your life and know that the merging of dreams into reality will become a bright sun filled light that has the ability to release so much cleansing, purification and healing -a conscious collapse of the old that has long out grown its time.

Live your dreams, know that just out of your conscious awareness, the fires of your renewed purpose are smouldering be bold and step into who you are becoming. Reclaiming yourself as a visionary activist working through the four meta keys: courage, awareness, discipline and love.

Follow your dreams on the wings of great eagle.

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What Do You Procrastinate About?

Procrastination: some people say it is “wasting time” and others say it is “doing other tasks when you need to be doing something more important”.

I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t procrastinate, even though some people procrastinate more than others. Some people claim to procrastinate however often it is because they haven’t spotted their procrastination.

So what do you procrastinate about? Part of being able to solve or deal with your procrastination is first to recognise that you do procrastinate and what you procrastinate about.

Now you understand what you procrastinate about if you want to understand WHY you procrastinate and what you can do about it try this online course for just $10 / £9

Fancy a game of procrastination Bingo? What do YOU procrastinate about?

Have you managed to get a horizontal line? Or maybe you have a full house and procrastinate in ALL the areas?







Procrastinate? Is this you?  Time to look at it now.


What Are You Dreaming For?

Have you been tapping into meditation lately and feeling great changes are in the air? These are tangible, you can feel them, you are waiting for your soul to reboot and move into the future you are creating. Look deeply into the mirror and see what needs to be done, what is being reflected back to you? What have you been living dreaming into being? This is the time of karmic ripening. Everything you have been seeking is here waiting you; you are dripping golden nectar. This is the time for you to know and recall that your powers are innate. The enchanted imaginings of your dreams can be manifested. For we all possess the power of magic. You are the creator of your magical life, look for the omens, the signposts that are pointing, granting clues to help you weave your personal story into being. Seize the moment and allow your ideas to bud to open in full splendour.

Dreaming and meditation are powerful tools for manifestation. Below is a link for a course that may assist you.

“We come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust”. Rumi

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