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The Veils Are Thinning

The Veils Are Thinning time to commune with the spirit world with ease as on September 23, the sun reaches its zenith over the celestial equator for the bi-annual equinox. From the Latin for equal-night, the equinox marks the beginning of a new season, whether you live in the Northern or Southern hemisphere. This symmetry of light and darkness invites a time to bring balance and renewed harmony into our lives.

As the Southern hemisphere approaches a warming trend with the advent of spring and summer, and the Northern hemisphere will experience the opposite. The shift of seasons, and all of the relevant changes in our preparations and activities, is also a time of anticipation and new beginnings, for planning or re-affirming our goals.

How do we bring our healing gifts to this world?

It can seem so daunting. However, with Spirit and one another we can co-create a better world. In order to co-create with Spirit we must begin with ourselves by eliminating toxic habits and limiting beliefs from our bodies, our brains and our hearts; skilfully collaborating with fate. Know that your life is seeded with meaning; you are the nexus between the billions of galaxies and life on earth. At every moment, you are creating that meaning out of free will. You are here.

One Spirit Medicine says, “Recovery is reciprocal: heal yourself, heal the world; heal the world, heal yourself. Once you’re dedicated to improving your own health and the health of the earth and all her creatures, the Spirit world will rally behind you to support your commitment.”

Hear the silent echoes of wisdom and knowledge reverberate throughout your being. When you bring balance and harmony to yourself you bring it to those around you. This is the shaman’s path. Allow yourself to take the road less travelled.

It starts with a choice.

Is this something you long for? The world is waiting for you. Ask for what your soul calls for.

As the equinox approaches, plan a fire ceremony to let go of the past season and fully embrace the season to come. Know what you are turning away from as well as what you’re turning towards.

Call on your ancestors and Spirit to guide you. It is time to come back into contact with the Mystery.

“I am restless                                                                                                                       Things are calling                                                                                                                       Me away                                                                                                                                      My hair is being pulled                                                                                                              By the stars again”  Anais Nin

Dream big take up your Shaman Shapeshifter and believe.

The links lead to my course on Shamanism  “ Leave Shamanic Rites to Realise Your spiritual Potential. – take up the ancient ways today.

“Very powerful!!!

It is a powerful course, which i encourage others to take. I feel as the negative thoughts bounce off of me, and feel more love towards myself. Thank you! “  by recent student Nicole K

All About Autism

A Holistic Approach To Austism

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder. It can be diagnosed as soon as in the third year of child’s life. The main symptoms according to the DSM criteria are lack of social skills and communication, as well as a delayed development of critical and creative thinking. A lot of parents get stressed when they face the diagnosis. They struggle to understand what the most important factors behind the diagnosis are and what the catalyst reasons that lead to the diagnosis were.

There is no cure for autism right now. There are several allopathic drugs that are prescribed to autistic individuals though, most of them just to suppress the symptoms of aggression and hyperactivity. Symptoms that come from the fact that the person is unable to communicate freely as he or she wishes to do. You see in autism, the abnormal development of the brain cells leads to decreased brain response to external impulses. And don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that autistic children don’t understand what is going on around them, or don’t hear the questions asked. Its just sometimes they are not able to respond, if they want to.

There are several causes that lead to autism, some of them not known to mankind yet. We do have a lack of research on certain factors that contribute to the diagnosis right now, but some of them are already familiar. Genetic predisposition plays a crucial role in the development of brain function. Toxicity and vaccination are also considerable factors. And so much more that we haven’t discovered yet. Autism is like a puzzle that lies down in pieces in front of us, ready to be solved. What do we do about it?

There are millions and millions of dollars spent every year on research for cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Conditions that affect population in the middle age. But what about autism? Autism is a significant, cruel, silent enemy that will turn into pandemic in a couple of decades if we wont intercept its development. There is an immediate need for cure or prevention right now. Statistics are growing with a tremendous speed every year. A couple of years ago 1 in 100 children worldwide was diagnosed with autism. In 2015 it is as near as 1 in 42. MIT scientists stated a few months ago that by 2050 every 1 in 3 children will have the diagnosis of ASD, autistic spectrum disorder. The maintenance cost for this disease will be enormous, since autistic individuals are not usually able to provide for themselves or live independently.

What can we do now for autistic individuals? For our autistic children? We need to seek integrative, alternative approaches to make them help establish a better communication with us. Allopathic drugs don’t treat autism, nor do they address the cause of the problem. This is why I believe in integrative approaches to autism. This is why created a course that with combination of stress reduction techniques and alternative treatments may improve the awareness of the autistic children. For now it is crucial for us to help them express their selves. And this can be done while lowering their stress levels. When anxiety levels are dropping, the nervous system can respond much better to external communication. The sensory system of the autistic individual has the tendency to be overloaded from environmental triggers and therefore usually goes to “shutdown” episodes in order to cope with this situation. In this state autistic children usually cannot be social or productive.

In this course, you will have the chance to broaden your knowledge on complementary therapeutic approaches in order to choose the ones that fit to your child the best. Moreover we will investigate thoroughly genetic factors and nutrition tips that are vital for autistic individuals’ digestion and cognitive function.

Enroll today in this 30 days money back guarantee course since there is a 0% risk in this investment in your child’s health and if you are not satisfied with the materials you will get a full refund.

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A Holistic Approach To Austism


The Fool’s Journey

By Sharon Smith

The Fool’s journey is one of the major lines of interpretation of the tarot. As the Fool represents every woman, man or child, he is each of us, metaphorically journeying through life. The Fool’s journey is that of Spirit.

To understand this we have to look at the concepts within the tarot, that of the major and minor arcana and the suits and their elements within the minor arcana. What do the arcana mean? Arcana means mysteries the major arcana the great or big mysteries and the minor arcana the little or small mysteries. The major arcana deals with the element of Spirit whilst the minor arcana covers fire, water, earth and air.

The greatest mystery of all is our journey through life from an outer or physical being to an inner or spiritual being. This is the Fool’s journey that the major arcana primarily attempts to explain. The minor arcana primarily deals with day to day issues.

Looking at the card of the Fool it has either the number zero or no number. The reason for this is that some have interpreted the Fool as being outside of the other cards he is not part of the major arcana but is influenced by the major arcana. I follow the more traditional concept that he is zero. Zero holds within it all things and all numbers as it is a continuous and never-ending circle. This is the same for our spirit it continues on endlessly.

We will just examine the first card that the Fool meets it is The Magician. The Magician has the number 1. He is active male energy. He decides on an action and it will be done. The Magician has one hand raised high pointing upwards holding his magical baton and one pointing to the ground. This represents his connection to the Universe (to his higher self) and the ability to bring that energy down to earth as active and creative energy in a very physical way.

There is also a table in front of him and on this table are representations of the suits. A wand – representing fire, a cup – representing water, a pentacle – representing earth and a sword – representing air. Those elements that within the tarot deal with our daily life. Bearing in mind that the Fool is naïve and new to this journey, his needs at present are very simple. It is the day to day needs that must be satisfied.

We can equate the Fool to a baby. When a baby is born its needs are few, to be fed, to be clean, to be loved and to sleep. With these needs satisfied, a baby will thrive. So looking back at our magician’s table, to be fed would be the pentacles, it is of earth and this fulfils a very practical need for food. To be clean would be the wands they represent fire and this is an energy that cleanses and transforms. To be loved is the cups representing water, water is emotion and love, babies cannot thrive without love no matter how well fed or how clean they are. Lastly, we come to sleep, this is represented by the sword and air, air is of the mind. Babies must sleep to grow and whilst sleeping it is here, they connect to their higher selves through dreaming.

If we return to our Fool and his journey through the major arcana and through spirit, we can see that the Magician is a very small step on his journey. It represents that first spark of learning and knowing. The first tentative step that each of takes of any journey into the unknown no matter how well we prepare. The tarot is a fascinating insight into our own spiritual path as well as our life in general.

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