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Are You Suffering From The Latest Bug

Have you fallen to the latest bug?

Find yourself running desperately from job to job and place to place believing that to do life faster and easier you will actually get somewhere?

….. the convenience virus.

Like a virulent rash you can’t soothe, speedily consuming your life and you cannot get rid of it.

Looking for a Light and Easy Life….

We all want convenient ways to perform menial tasks, but a lack of discernment around our desire for convenience is a real danger. If we allow our desire for fast and easy to bleed into every aspect of our lives, including our health and wellbeing, creativity, and spirituality, we drain our life force. We lose patience with the most important parts of ourselves.

We no longer think it fun to read a meaty book, to go deeply inside to craft and create.

Reported recently was an interview with a University philosophy professor who said his students did not want to study. The students reported that they didn’t have time to read books on philosophy. These students had become so used to consuming short bursts of information that they pressured him to cull his reading list down to just a few “essential” books.

The professor reluctantly gave the students his shortlist, which cut his original list by half. A week later, they began to ask exactly which passages they should read. The students said they didn’t have time to read the entire shortlist, or, as it turned out, even a single book.

This story reflects many of our current attitudes:

• Why should I practice when I can get qualified, anyway?

• Why get experience when I can have success without it?

• Why seek knowledge when information is available on the topic?

• Why create something when I can buy it?

• Why bother when I can buy it all ready made to go?

There are reasons to engage - very real ones

Convenience can be very inconvenient because you run the possibility of simply disappearing from your own life. You vanish from your work , you become a drone going through the motions. Your spirit withers, puzzling where and why you have chosen an empty life, it is yearning for your return. Your ability craft and create vanishes into the ether - was it ever there you may ask?

This has been distilled down to the sad basics that the essence of convenient living is efficiency. The destination is sameness.

Over time we hone our skills, we commit, we gain knowledge. We invest our unique selves into the field, thereby making it our own.

Knowledge gives our lives meaning, and ultimately, it's meaning we want, not convenience.

How can we tame this virus?

There are key questions to ponder

• Which areas of my life are calling me to give more time, patience, faith, effort, and focus?

• What do I want to experience, learn and create?

If you are really hooked on convenience, it may be difficult for you to consider any long-term endeavour, at all lite and easy after all saves your day. How slow are your responses in your fast automated life?

You can claw back reality and change it. Look at beginning each stay in stillness/meditation no thinking, flat out doing nothing time. Look at going to the local park to walk and sit under trees.

You may also want to explore your deeper needs and motivations through discovering your hearts desire, you may have chosen employment for the financial gain and this has left you lost and bewildered.


Have you fallen to the latest bug? 

Find yourself running desperately from job to job and place to place believing that to do life faster and easier you will actually get somewhere? 

….. the convenience virus.

The New Moon Is Nearly Here

The New Moon IS Nearly Here.

Here we are in the time of the dark moon, retreating, letting go of that which no longer serves us. Waiting for the new moon and her energy to fire up the time ahead. Spend some extra time in meditation. It’s a good time to sit quietly and contemplate, as the energies of this moon during a quiet moment will help draw out the inner wisdom to help you deal with things. Know that your nature is divinely ordained. For you all have the blood of Stars. When you look up at night they are calling you, helping guide the way for you. This is the threshold between the old ways and the unknown, step up to the mark for our sole task is to yoke our inner destiny, and thread it through our lives and weave it into the world that is everywhere. There is no you and me only we as we re-thread our divinity and take up our community.

Connect and collaborate with fate by enquiring:

what is life constellating around me now?

what is the nature of the vision quest I am embarking on?

what would it take for me to follow the energy of my vital,growing edge, not knowing what it will look like or how it will show up?

what myths sustain me,whole me,help me to stand rooted in my own ground of being?

"What is a blessing? A blessing is a circle of light drawn around a person to protect, heal and strengthen.” ...“It is a gracious invocation where the human heart pleads with the divine heart. When a blessing is invoked, a window opens in eternal time.”

-John O’donahue

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