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Wild Full Moon Blessings

Full Moon Blessings

Welcome to the bliss fires of this wild full moon energy that is now upon us. Time for liberation and freedom. This moon will help us all move beyond our former stories and limitation, it has the ability to set them ablaze in its inferno.

This is time to unclutter our minds, to leave those nagging doomsaying defeating attitudes and beliefs in the cauldron of the fires. Clarity, expansion is being called for us all. Take up your true inner light and fly with it as you leave unneeded patterns in the ashes.

" Not until we are lost do we begin to find ourselves" Thoreau

Take time out, turn off the television, your computer, tablet and telephone. Allow yourself the luxury to re-focus your goals to mirror your deepest values and get serious about the meaning you make of life
gather your resources, grow plants and herbs, cook, craft, repair and mend. Whatever you do make it real and meaningful.
Gather some fresh flowers, light candles, pray and if you can catch the sunset and look across if you are down under as the moon is sitting opposite in her ripe full beauty. For under the fire of this bright full moonlight allow the secret vault of your heart self to open, feel it unite with the moonlight and let your soul retrieval expand into a luminous bliss fire.

Full Moon

Black Friday Mayhem

Black Friday Melt Down - Here’s a Black Friday offer that beats Udemy’s – up to 97% off

I’m in friendly rivalry with Udemy in a campaign to help people regain the essential core message of spirituality rather than revenue this month – which means a big win for you. I can reveal that, as part of the lead up to ‘Black Friday, they’re offering selected courses at $10, rising to $15 on Black Friday.


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Shamanic Rites - The Munay Ki

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21 Days to Reveal the Feminine Divine

" Hope is that thing with feathers

That perches in the soul

And sings the tune without the words

And never stops - at all" Emily Dickinson

You may be feeling as if you're a little stuck in old life patterns, going round in the same old circles and falling down the same old holes in the road. Go gently, you have all the time you need to master new skills. You have the opportunity to make a difference now you're super aware of all your old ways. Trust your instincts, it is a time of great epiphanies and revelations when the veils fall from your eyes.These Aha! moments are given to you not just to understood but to be honed into tools and resources to cut through toxic habits, attitudes and beliefs.
It is time to live with your eyes wide open.

Dive in, maybe buy some as Christmas Gifts? All courses $9 for a limited time only.

Black Friday

21 Days To Reveal The Feminine Divine

Sacred Journeying To Heal The Feminine Divine

Your journey is about to become a sacred thing. Take advantage of this blog only price of just $9USD by pressing the link above. However, before we start lets take time to bless our travelling forth. Let us free our hearts of anything and everything that no longer serves us.

Pause for a moment, look deep inside and ask your inner self to guide your pilgrimage. Allow your inner fire to manifest, to channel through into your journey into the sacred feminine divine.

This is your personal initiation into the realms of the sacred, time to let go that patriarchal framework that has dominated you. Summons forth the Goddess, draw on the feminine archetypes that you are naturally drawn too. Venus, Kali, Saraswati, Lilith, Isis, Virgo, Tara, Mary? Who is it for you? She will act as protector, shepherdess drawing you into infinity, re-dreaming the feminine form that is you.

Look deeply into the spectrum of divine femininity and their she is the mother, the maiden, the crone, the herbalist, the healer, the seductress, all swirling and pulsing with the joy of life, this life, your life.

Call forth all those aspects of yourself that you may not even have believed existed, you may not have met before in this lifetime. Step back and become the witness in your life, no longer drawn by the drama and illusion, feel her swelling energy in your life. Oh creatrix, let go and breathe the luminous tendrils of life, your own life.

Live through your heart, ignite your womb fire.

Learn to think with your heart. The doors are opening, the veils are lifting. Your mind will not be able to grasp the reality however your heart and your womb can.

It is time to become devotional, to be discerning, impeccable and above all committed to the sacred feminine divine. Remember this is your birthright. The nectar is here for you to drink deeply from the well of wonderment.

Consider the passage of the planet Venus from the divine star we see at night travelling through to become the morning star. The nightly pilgrimage that connect night to day, day to night; you to the divine. Be transformed by the old healing ways of the Sacred Feminine Divine. Take up her mantle and wear it proudly.

Forget the path you were being pulled along. Go inside and listen out for the “lostness” see it, visualise it as a sacred calling giving you the essence of who you are becoming. You have nothing to lose, allow yourself to respond to the magic, allow your shattered ragged heart to sing and new song. Send it to the stars and await the answer.

See your messages encoded in the sanctuary of your womb healing. Set your intention for moving forward now. Look deeply and see if you can hear the gifts, unravel the puzzle and allow it to slip into place and be your evolving self.

It is time for you to leave all your sabotaging beliefs and patterns behind. Time for psychic purification, allow your true passions to stir from your deep deep consciousness realms. Those heart songs you never sang, those pictures of yourself you never dared draw. Step across the threshold and walk towards them now. Allow the dusty worn out layers you have accumulated in this life time to simply fall away. They no longer fit you and will not be needed again.

You are vibrating to a different tune now. You have turned towards what you need instead of what no longer serves you. A new vision is burning through you, calling you now you have called on the well-spring of your creative possibilities. Walk it, breathe it, live it, be it.


How to Make the Color Blue Win the Day for You

“Kristen. I have an important Skype interview tomorrow. What colors should I wear so I make the best impression?”

My friend’s question yesterday may seem a bit unusual to you, but it’s the kind of thing I get asked nearly every day. You see, I’m something of a color connoisseur.

A color chef…

A color advisor…

My marketing books would say, “Just call yourself a color EXPERT already!” OK. That too…

As an artist and educator, I can easily serve up a variety of color combinations to get my audience to feel exactly how I want them to. I use color strategically in my paintings, my animations, my online courses, in any presentations I make, and I even make deliberate color decisions when picking out what to wear to help influence my day both at home and at work. (On laundry day however, all bets are off.)

Today I feel particularly drawn to writing about the color blue. It’s hand down the #1 answer worldwide when you ask people what their favorite color is. (Fun fact: yellow, my sunny youngest son’s favorite, is the least popular answer.)

Palana Blue

Blue was also my answer to my friend’s question about their job interview. It’s the color most often associated with trust, loyalty, and accountability. Research shows that in fact, when one wears navy or dark blue to a job interview they will have a slight psychological edge over their competition, assuming all other factors are equal.

I advised this particular interviewee, a male, to wear a light blue dress shirt (which shows friendliness and a hard-working, yet approachable nature) paired with a dark blue tie. You’ll almost always see this particular color combination worn by politicians when they are out campaigning. (Watch them roll up their sleeves to try and better connect with the 99% and non-billionaire voters.)

Blue also produces chemicals in our brains that aid with concentration, which is why it’s the best-colored room to study in. Studies show that people who write their notes using blue ink will better remember the information.

Blue is a color associated with service, perhaps because even as far back as ancient Greece, public servants would wear blue togas. This tradition continues in modern times as you can often spot medical professionals and law enforcement officers sporting this celebrated hue.

When it comes to food however, blue is about the WORST color to have around, unless you are on a diet and want to control your food intake by placing it on a blue plate. This is because blue is the least appetizing color to the typical human being. When we see blue on our food naturally occurring, it usually means it has gone bad or is spoiled. Blueberries and artificial colorings aside, our brains are wired to have us automatically repulsed by blue-colored food. So if you own a restaurant and your walls are the color blue, you might want to invest in painting your walls red instead. (Studies show people order more food on a menu and have a greater appetite in red-colored rooms or when tables have red tablecloths.)

Blue, a cool color like green and purple can also influence our physical body temperatures. Some cost-savvy business owners in hot climates will paint their offices and storefronts blue so they can turn the air conditioners down a few degrees. (And painting a room yellow, orange, or red can help people feel warmer as well.)

In the spiritual realm, blue is most often associated with the throat chakra. According to, blue “holds the symbolic meaning of peace and tranquility. Blue is the color of cool water, it is soothing and symbolically represents trust and harmony, and it also holds the energy and meaning of calm. To improve communication, meditate with sky blue.”

Lately I’ve been enviously reading accounts by mediums and other intuitives who report that supposedly the colors of the spiritual realm are more intense than what we have here on Earth and cannot even be described with human words. To try to wrap my mind around that, I think of many types of bats and rodents who only are able to see in shades of black and white. Just because they can’t see the colors that we can doesn’t mean they don’t exist. And so it must be for the colors that we can’t see with our physical eyes as well.

Well, back on Earth, I’m happy enough using the colors I have on hand. Now that you know more about blue and what it can do, how will you dress for your next job interview? Go get ‘em tiger!

If you liked these color tips, you might also like my top-rated Udemy course, Life Hack With Color Psychology available at a special discount for visitors from this website. View the free preview lessons and enroll today.

Kristen Palana is an artist, author, and educator based in Rome, Italy and a tenured Associate Professor of Digital Media at The American University of Rome where she also runs its Film and Digital Media Program. She also teaches online to over 12K students on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, and through the UN-mandated University for Peace’s Centre For Executive Education.

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