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Farewell 2015 and Welcome 2016

Here we are again, standing on the threshold of a new year and all the inspiration it can muster. How will you spend it and with whom? Choose wisely whom you bring the new year in with. May they be a reflection of love and reaching into to a common place of trust and knowing as we walk gently upon our Mother Earth. We are heading almost face planting into some very significant decisions about our future. Our new year, our life and whom we choose to share it with. Sit now and remember who is calling you, wait and listen to the deep calling of your heart space. See yourself suspended in emptiness or nothingness. Buddhists call it the Great Unborn.It is time for you walk gracefully into 2016.The words below were spoken by the legendary Black Elk of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, and I think you’ll like them. They’re about true inner peace and how to evolve outward from there.

The True Peace

The first peace, which is the most important,is that which comes within the souls of peoplewhen they realize their relationship,their oneness, with the universe and all its powers,and when they realize that at the centerof the universe dwells Wakan-Taka (the Great Spirit),and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.This is the real peace, and the others are but reflections of this.The second peace is that which is made between two individuals,and the third is that which is made between two nations.But above all you should understand that there can neverbe peace between nations until there is known that true peace,which, as I have often said, is within the souls of men.    Black Elk, Oglala Sioux & Spiritual Leader

Instead of pushing, doing, or avoiding life and the next steps you should take become curious about it.... embody the emptiness and embrace the unfolding grace space. Life each moment is sacred reflection honouring the path you have chosen to walk.Love and light  Sharon xx


Solstice Blessings

Solstice greetings to you all, we can no longer deny our future is to be served in divine grace, healing for both ourselves and our mother Earth.

Within our culture here now, we have limited ourselves. We have closed the doors to the richness and the depths of spirit, and a great many people on our beautiful mother Earth are desperately craving that now. There's an emptiness to life and for too many people the light is going out in their eyes. Find a pathway to be inspired and to feel passionate about life again and to be able to dream unlimited possibilities of what we can create while we are alive on this amazing planet that gifts us the ultimate gift of homing us.

" When you step further into the story you came to live, not only does the mythic territory open but the deep self moves and the world of imagination and meaning comes towards you " Michael Meade

And so the world turns……. Time for you to turn inwards and beginning the indwelling that surrounds the Solstice. This is a time of slowing down and settling peacefully into the wilderness of our soul self, enter graceful into a time to deep reflection.

Can you sense that you are being drawn into a different archetype creating, re creating and driving you forever forwards onto your sacred path. Use the time before the balance between light and dark is restored to seek you inner guru from the deep spaces that are within. Get outside if you can and dream with the stars; they are certainly calling you. They have answers to many of your questions - you just have to dare to breathe and ask them.

"I am restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again" Anais Nin.

The time for talking is over. Endlessly we rattle on about body, mind, and spirit. However it's vital for us to be able to integrate what we do on a physical level, what we do on a mental level, and what we do on a spiritual level. When we do that, we move in to a place of alignment, and that's where the bliss fires of love and life ignite the opportunities for true lasting change to happen. Dive in, what are you waiting for?

Solstice Blessings

The Sagittarius New Moon

What inner resources might you draw on as you cross the bridge between the old and the new? It is time of recovery so you may take empowering new steps forward towards self-care and healing. Always stand tall, no matter what is happening around you for everything comes to pass. As above, so below. As within, so without. Is there a part of you, prodding shouting: don't just sit there, there is a bigger picture to grab and live, it is time to simply do something!

Reclaim your power as you now recognise your divinity and that you are in fact connected to all living things of this planet and beyond. This new moon is signalling the beginning of a new unified consciousness as we all dream our future into being. It is time to walk forward straight through any complications, confusion, stay and know that which is eternal and simply sweet. You can count on yourself finding your sanctuary deep within the cells of your being. Peace and joy are within. " When a time arises when clarity is desired, it is always wise to consult the Sage within" Sereda Alita Dailey

Go ahead and reconfigure your understanding of the past and present. Use the emerging new moon light to germinate bigger dreams of the future and rebuild inner strength and wisdom. My Christmas offering to you is below. This is last time these courses will EVER be offered for just $9, they are available for the next 24 hours only.

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Blessings to you all


New Moon

Be Compassionate to Yourself

With all the craziness in the world it maybe tempting to collapse, to become hopeless and helpless instead of summoning the strength to hold firm. You have a real choices that we can choose to make. Either you experience your capacity to symbolise and internalise meaning as wounded or you commit to quests, journeys and pilgrimages that bring immense healing and growth. Now these pilgrimages do not even have to take you from home, they can happen as you quest, you learn, you meditate and begin into firm as a clear channel for the divine.

"To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly" Brene Brown

As we move towards the new moon next week on the 11th, it timely to ask ourselves what have we done? Take a long look in the mirror and ask yourself gently if the way you are seen is how you want to be seen. Notice how much time and effort you devote to curating your image instead of simply being your authentic self. It is time for you step our in our own authentic light, no longer hiding behind the shadows of something that never worked for you anyway.

" When a time arises when clarity is desired, it is always wise to consult the Sage within" Sereda Alita Dailey

It is time to ask yourself some serious questions:

Which of my old illusions of security are being washed away?
Which heartfelt dreams inspire me now?
How can I put foundations under them?

Move into the realm of the spiritual warrior, look around for there are insights tinged with gold on the wings just waiting for you to download them.

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