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Sacred Space and Sacred Time

What have you been manifesting for your future? Full moon dreaming is calling you and filling your sails with wondrous gusts of freedom. Time to bend and be flexible to allow this exhilarating lunar energy to seed your dreams. Your soul purpose awaits you to expand into the limitless possibilities that are your birth rite.

Time to ask those questions that really matter. What really stirs your hearts desire? Who are you? How have you falsely defined yourself? What do you truly wish to leave behind? This powerful super moon is challenging every belief and asking nothing less than you take up your personal power. Stand in your truth – no less. Allow the possibility and freedom being brought in by this moon to reinvigorate and carry you in the direction of your dreams. It is time my friends.

“The hand becomes an eye that fuses all five senses and sees things whole.”~ Lee U-fan.

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Healers know well the power that is contained within the hand and finger chakras – did you know that you too can tap into the beautiful vibrational stream of energetic love.

Are you curious about activating the power in your hands?

Has the path of the shaman been calling? The time honoured deep wisdom is resonating asking us to all be the Earthkeepers we are born to be. Dive in and take up the nine Rites of the Munay Ki to become a Wisdomkeeper and dream your life into being

Harassment being the keyword for modern living. Ditch it and spend just a few minutes daily dancing anyway your body takes you and clearing any negative energy that has clung to you during this and former lifetimes Clear negative energy the fun way

Everyday called us to bring in the sacred. There are so many little tips and tricks we may use to bring a deep sense of calm and sacredness into everyday. What are you waiting for?

Stuck in a rut and not liking your what you are doing with your life? Time to get serious and look deep inside to discover your real life purpose. Many of us are roped into jobs and lifestyles that simply do not resonate with us.  Get out and discover what you soul is calling you to do.

Ladies have you given away your power, become a slave without even realising it? Leave the treadmill and rediscover the authentic divine goddess that you truly are.

There is a place, a sacred place where the nectar of immortality, our the dreaming of many lifetimes past and future may be unlocked. Bindu chakra is a secondary chakra laying in-between your third eye and visual cortex. Patience is required to release the dripping nectar that awaits you. 

“Saying what you want is an expression of truth and it’s a manifestation, a mantra, a charm and an enchantment. It’s the beginning of a sequence of creation and exploration. It’s a soft waving of your wand, a step closer to freedom’s edge and a sip of the soulful warrior’s nectar ” Tanya Markul.

In love and full moon light here is a free PDF for you to down load.

Sacred Space Sacred Time

Another offering is from my YouTube channel. I am creating a brief series of “moments” from the best of the announcements you receive. Why to check in and see what you think. Feedback is welcomed and respected. I was filming a drum and toning session out at Cockatoo Creek at our farm. Enjoy

Drum and Toning at Cockatoo Creek

Full moon blessings to you all – Sharon

Let’s Get Grounded

You have heard me say it often. When we refer to this universal saying we are wanting to connect with our Earth mother. Did you know that there is an actual Earth Chakra? We are commonly taught the main seven chakras sometimes a few of the secondary chakras - I have short courses on two of these - Bindu Chakra and our Palm chakras. However, there are many more that are of interest to the enquiring mind. We are are looking to “get grounded” we are seeding our thought dreams into the 10th chakra or Earth chakra which is located about a foot and a half below the surface of the ground. It ensures our connection with the earth, it is literally our tree roots into our Earth mother. Because it works primarily with the energies of the earth, it is very physical in nature. Next time you are meditating try visualising your own “tree roots” feel this deep connection.

A standing meditation works really well for this:

- avert your eyes looking softly down your nose

- gently breathing

- on the inhale with your arms relaxed by your side bring your hands racing up to waist height bending at the elbows

- exhale rotating the palms downwards

- repeat for the duration of the meditation

In doing so focus on drawing the energy up from our Earth mother as you inhale and seeding your dreams deep into her belly on the exhalation.

Our Earth chakra participates to our physical well-being and connects us to the pure divinity and grounding energies of our Earth mother and our environment.

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let’s get grounded deeply in to our Earth mother, become part of “when the world was soft”