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Live Your Truth and Full Moon Course Offerings

"Almost anything will work again if you unplug it, including you" Annie Lamott.

Time to start preparing to set your dreams alight in your fire or by candle light as we approach the May full moon.

Are you thinking with your heart yet? I invite you simply do it as your ability to think with your heart is activated, quite simply you will cease believing your own thinking, all those issues you used to exhibit over control and your almost desperate need to fix or control fall away. Finally you have arrived and know that you can have exhilarating, more wonderful thinking at any moment, in any situation. By thinking with your heart wisdom stops looking like a random mystical process and becomes the natural resources of your deeper mind.

This is a time for you to draw on your warrior spirit, forge new alliances and a love of life, look laterally - maybe there is a different way you can create income streams. This is not a time for fear - let it dissolve in the ether. Ask for what you want - look to the skies as you see Saturn and Mars seemingly together as one and then there is our growing moon. This is the wild voice calling. Claim ownership of your truth.

"When you reassert your relationship with your wildish nature, you are gifted with a permanent inner Watcher, a knower, a visionary, an oracle, inspirational, an intuitive, a maker, an inventor and a listener who guides, suggest and urges vibrant life in the inner and outer world" Clarissa Pinkola Estes.


The Power of Prayer - tap into the beautiful vibrational stream of energetic love.

Are you curious about activating the power in your hands?

Has the path of the shaman been calling? The time honoured deep wisdom is resonating asking us to all be the Earthkeepers we are born to be. Dive in and take up the nine Rites of the Munay Ki to become a Wisdomkeeper and dream your life into being

Spending time immersed in daily meditation and chakra dancing clears any negative energy that has clung to you during this and former lifetimes Clear negative energy the fun way

Daily meditation is calling you. There are so many little tips and tricks we may use to bring a deep sense of calm and sacredness into everyday. What are you waiting for?

Stuck in a rut and not liking your what you are doing with your life? Discover your real life purpose. Many of us are roped into jobs and lifestyles that simply do not resonate with us. Get out and discover what you soul is calling you to do.

Ladies have you given away your power, become a slave without even realising it? Leave the treadmill and rediscover the authentic divine goddess that you truly are.

Bindu chakra is calling you - laying in-between your third eye and visual cortex. Patience is required to release the dripping nectar that awaits you.

"Saying what you want is an expression of truth and it's a manifestation, a mantra, a charm and an enchantment. It's the beginning of a sequence of creation and exploration. It's a soft waving of your wand, a step closer to freedom's edge and a sip of the soulful warrior's nectar " Tanya Markul.

In love and full moon light


Live your truth, and now

Do You Enjoy Spending Time With Yourself?

Here is another short video from my YouTube series - the story is below.

With the new moon approaching now’s the time to move in the direction of your goals, hopes and dreams –If they are aligned with your destiny they have a great chance of manifesting.

We understand that with simple practices, we can shine our inner light as brightly as the sun and develop our power, passion, and vitality naturally. We want to not only live but thrive. Enjoying life living through all of our vibrant senses. How about turn of the electronic devices and take time to truly inhabit your body, listening to its intelligence and healing from old wounds. Are you walking your talk? Living aligned with your core values? Are you vibrantly healthy or dulled by addictions? Are you your own guide and oracle?

First, let me ask you, do you enjoy spending time with yourself?

Do you pick up your phone, scroll through Facebook looking for people to chat with, or go to the TV or Internet because time alone is lonely, somehow sad or difficult? Seriously time to change that toxic thought and behaviour pattern You can be an amazing friend to yourself, better than any person and far superior to the gadgetry that has us hooked and tuned in 24/7.

My thought for today is to have you enjoying spending time with yourself: time to let you open your throat and sing, get of the couch and dance. Start with about 10 minutes every day and trying building up to 30 minutes.

Enjoy the inner sense of being committed and immersed in yourself, please do not worry about what others may think. This is about spending with yourself to time to uplift and inspire your energy. Time to tune into your heart and soul as you simply engage in the activity.

There is no need for fear, sadness and loneliness as you are connected to everything and everyone for this is the world of nature, and the world of our universe, vibrating through and with us at all times.