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Dream the Feminine Divine

Dream the Feminine Divine

What are you waiting for?

No woman is ordinary. We are each a unique expression of the feminine.  Each one of us, male and female, carries within our psyche both Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine archetype energies. From these archetypal energies come all our conscious thoughts, plans, desires, goals and agendas. These energies intertwine and cooperate to produce a uniquely personal expression and experience of life.

“Where there is a woman, there is magic” — Ntozake Shange

Creation. Women are natural creators, the spark of life. By honoring this ability, women tap into the collective power of creation, joining in peace and harmony resonating with universal wisdom.

Blessing. Women easily bless others. By welcoming their role as sisters and co-creators of the future, women bless themselves and one another, encouraging ever-increasing numbers to welcome feminine energy in themselves. Unite and be blessed.

Collaborate. In coming together as sisters giving blessings, women share their energy and heart, in perfect love and perfect trust.

Intuition. Every woman possesses the gift of inner knowing, this know is precious and to be honoured. When women tap into their deep trusting power, they see clearly and far, from here to evermore.

Sensuality. Women are keepers of the sensual wild and the sensual world. They are beauty incarnate, and appreciate the beauty in their lives.

Wisdom. Women are truly gifted and naturally give wise council when they feel safe to share their views.

Every moment of our life we are presented with choice. The number of paths we can travel is endless. However, there is one to choose. Listen deeply and feel for that path which takes you home to authentic you.

“Always seek less turbulent skies. Hurt. Fly above it. Betrayal. Fly above it. Anger. Fly above it. You are the one who is flying the plane” Marianne Williamson.

Explore the feminine divine

Full Moon and The Wheel Of The Year

Time to gather and prepare to celebrate as the full moon will coincide with the Summer Solstice, the celebration of Litha. Or if you are in the southern hemisphere then it is time for Yule or the longest night and the shortest day.

This is a fabulous time of the year and the alignment of the moon gives a powerful boost to assist us all in expanding our spiritual awareness. The combination brings potency for anything you want to nurture and expand.

The light of the moon will shine it wondrous light on all aspects of our lives, for this full moon illuminates realms long buried actually allowing all that is dark tone seen. Do not fear this use it end you attachments with all that you no longer need.


This is the perfect time for you to practice ritual magic, to set your intentions for the time to follow. For all those who are open and willing many hidden gems of knowledge can bring a sudden epiphanies. Look beyond the material realms, clear out those cobwebs of not only your wardrobe, but also your past. Release and flow with nature.

Plus here is your gift to join me in a little Litha or Yule time meditation together.

This is a perfect time to set your heart ablaze to awaken your spiritual core. Listen to your inner wisdom and remember that only light can dispel fear.

Bright blessings to you all



The Magic of the Sacred Circle

When casting a circle we are entering into sacred time, the time of light and movement where we commune and going in celebration with all of life. It is a chance to acknowledge your own sacredness and the sacredness of the space around you no matter where you are inside or outside. You heart minds and soul engage with all of the vibrations of life and you become one with all of these vibrational forces. I always like to start by raising my arms palms outwards to draw up and in the power of universal forces opening my personal medicine space - always the sparks of light start to fill my hands as I begin - this is a signal to me that I have left my ordinary busy life behind and I am entering the 'timeless time" of love and light. I then commonly cast my circle, however if I am feeling a little disconnected and scattered I do a short meditation on anything - the elements, the sun, breathe, I use this time to settle that busy mind. It is commonly only short - this is why I have tried to limit the meditation time so not make it the major focus of this course. It is easy for meditation to take over so to speak.

I really want to you find you way, your words, what works for you. Once you get the feeling you create and co-create with the universe.

By casting a circle be become deeply centred, quiet and we draw on the pure power of ourselves, circle are very protective and allow us to not only strengthen our own energy fields but create a beautiful space that invites true magic to occur in our lives.

It does not have to be a long process. I generally to not cast spells unless I am in sacred space - be that simply opening personal medicine or sacred space, casting a circle or coming from a meditation. The main thought is that the sell in voted from a sense of sacredness and in perfect love and perfect trust for the higher good of all.

Blessed be

There is magic everywhere – especially with a Sacred Circle. Dare to dream and be. Interested in learning more? Here is you chance.

Mandala Magic

Mandala means “sacred circle” in Sanskrit. Circles appear literally everywhere in nature, think about the flowers, snowflakes, sun, moon. These are very powerful symbols in cultures throughout world history. In a great many spiritual traditions, mandalas are used to awaken and facilitate meditation, they are used in sacred rites as a transformative tool to assist with healing.

Native American Indians and Tibetan Buddhist Monks are renowned for their use of mandalas as a way of evoking spiritual energy, meditation and healing. Carl Jung, the famous Psychologist used mandalas with his clients and for his own personal growth. His research and studies revealed their creation allowed a deep healing to take place from within the human psyche.

Why are circles believed to be so powerful?

• The circle is a symbol of wholeness, continuity, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life.

• Unlike other shapes, the circle flows and has no hard edges or angles.

• Circles are believed to help individuals focus inward.

Colouring Mandalas

If you choose to colour a mandala it will tap into your creativity without any need for artistic expertise. The process of colouring can sooth and nourish you. Colouring mandalas is a great way to start using mandalas in your everyday life.

Many of you have commented you have been enjoying the free content on my youtube channel. For you information it is updated every Monday (don't ask me in who's timezone...) Here is an offering An awareness exercise to deepen your practice

Mandala Magic

Merry Meet New Course Offering and a Free Gift

Merry meet my dear student friends

Welcome to my 8th course - Magical Witchcraft. All the stars have aligned as the number 8 holds it own special place resonating with the influences and vibrations of self-confidence, inner-strength, professionalism, manifesting abundance and wealth. Plus the course is released here on the 3rd and the number 3 resonates with the energies of inspiration and creativity, speech and communication, kindness and compassion; and more magical fire we are in the transformative new moon window with opportunities manifesting for us all. This new moon is a critical juncture for all who are seeking creative freedom. A wonderful opportunity to dive in and explore the mysterious depths of the soul and let go of any self-sabotaging beliefs that may by holding you back.

Witchcraft is a wonder filled evolving process - join me as we travel together as we engage in spell casting, rituals and invocations for the elements, the phases of the moon and the sabbats.

It is my aim to create an environment that fosters open-heartedness, authenticity, creativity, and collaboration. We will be working together side by side to bring forth our best and bring out the best in each other!

This offer is available for the three days of the New Moon window ONLY you will receive my new course

for just $10 and receive my Daily Meditation for free. (If you already have it - send me a request for one of the other courses - again only available during the new moon window)

Magical Witchcraft New Moon Once Only Offer For You

Free Daily Meditation Course

“When a civilization forgets that we live under a roof of stars, we have forgotten who we truly are. From whence we came and where we will go.”

Please join me as we tune into the wheel of life and play together in our magical garden. Next week I will send out an announcement advising you about a Facebook page dedicated to the course (apologies not today as we have 21,000 native seedlings to plant this weekend!) In the meantime there is the Q&A on Udemy for asking questions that I will gladly answer.

Just a quick note the manual is a work in progress - a little patience if you please.

Bright blessings

Sharon aka Faeshan

Merry Meet dear friends