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Watery Realms Of Creativity

Let us consider for a moment the element of water. Water always takes us back to the beginning of time, to the time of our birth and to the wonders of the primordial ocean. It's such an amazingly powerful experience to experience yourself as part of the river, the lake, the sea but also to feel that we're all one ocean riding all these waves that are coming through together, dreaming, walking, breathing as one. When we connect with the waters of life we flow, we ripple, we resonate in a very pure way with the graces that are gifted to us all.

So take some time and listen to your heartbeat as you seed the dreams of water. As we feel our heart beating and as we listen to our heart beating, let's just allow, as always, I encourage you to let go of your ordinary thoughts and concerns. Let them melt away. Become ONE with the watery realms.

With the element of water by your side seed your knowing dreams. Know that our perception creates our reality, we may flow this way or that, we always have a choice to see a particular city, a country, land, or water as sick, suffering broken or ill. But we also have the very real choice to see it flowing in its beauty, its strength and light which is its spiritual nature. When we choose to see in this positive light we recognise that light, that spiritual nature, the land, the people on it are flowing, vibrating with a positive charge and like attracts like. Whatever trouble is going on, be it in your own life or that of the collective spaces in front of you it can and does change. We have the choice to create a positive vibration that lifts all of life up and create healing in ways that really we can't imagine. Be the change you wish to see.

For those of you who missed my Sacred Space, Sacred Time​ webinar here is the link to a re-recording of it - my tech skills were on show as I had all of the participants on my screen and did not realise I was recording all that I saw!

Watery realms

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