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Shamanism For Everyday, Everywhere

Freedom is one of the gifts your soul is calling you to manifest. This creates wonderful life experiences and a sense of fulfilment in your life as the seeds of ourselves deepen into the fertile soil of possibilities. The truth of who you are really does set you free.


Today go out and choose to walk softly upon our Mother Earth – visualise each step you take as a prayer. Think about this – do not ask FOR anything – instead choose to directly manifest. For example. I pray peace, I pray rain, I pray sleep. Using the word for can create the window of doubt – of another answer. With each step see you prayer in its manifested form – really see it. Pray and play it forward into its full blooming. Because you can choose a new dream – you really can.

Bring your yourself home to the inner flame that ignites your dreams. Have you considered that maybe the path of the Shaman is calling you home?

The shaman is a human bridge between the unseen realms of guiding spirits and this world; present time—Now.  Shamanic practice requires full presence in the Now, as you cannot be a bridge to a place you are not present in.

Would you like to learn more about the Munay Ki? Know that when you sign up for this online course that we are all here together seeding these amazing Rites as a very practical form shamanism seeded into the very core and nature our being.  It is not outside the self, but within.  In one of our first steps together we will be in tapping into this aspect of self may be contained in two words:  Silent, Listen.  Look at these two words they have the same letters. What can you see in them? How do they make you feel? 

Shamanism in it many forms across this amazing planet everywhere teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Shamans see and speak the connectivity of a web of life and the living spirit that resides in all things. Everything on our planet earth is interconnected and any belief that we are separate from other life forms including the earth, stars, wind, etc is purely an illusion.

Balance between nature and nurturing our connections is at the heart of the place of shamanism throughout the world.

Munay Ki