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Dark Moon Dreaming

Dark Moon Dreaming

Are you listening to your inner wisdom – that deep knowing?

Keep focused and breathing as we draw into the dark moon – retreating, letting go and awaiting the new moon. This new moon starts an exhilarating cycle of freedom and self-expression literally pushing you headlong into uncharted territory. For me it is diving head first into living full time on the farm. I sit here at this moment in my city home – now devoid of all its treasures – only the memories remain, boxes everywhere – the stormy chaos of packing, moving and unpacking. In the midst of this I am taking notes dreaming and crafting two new courses – one of Shamanic Journeying and the other Faery Shamanism.

“This mystery; I walk towards you. You well up shining in me; Speak this, loudly . Hear nothing but Sea” – Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Notice this week how you are responding to the essences of life, how tuning into your heart centre and aligning with your core truth that this is increasing your ability to receive information not through the mind but via intuitive knowing .


Todays YouTube offering is about boundaries and how we use them to define, defend ourselves. Listen closely to the wisdom being carried by the winds, be totally tuned in. Picking up on each and every cue. Sensing all of them in their complex interrelations , vibrate and sway in peace and love grounded to our mother Earth and all of creation from here to evermore.
Sowing the seeds of peace



Surrender to the Pulse


‘Light is information; Love is creation.’

Barbara Marciniak

Surrender. Have you become aware that there is something big going on out there in the multiverse?  No less than an evolutionary burn is surging powerfully our bodies, cleansing our your energy field and our etheric body. Go with it, surrender – this is a time of great acceptance of the bigger picture that we may not be able to see at present. Absorb the waves of incoming data by physically taking time to rest, to sleep, to meditate. Personally I have felt as if I have had no sleep – though I know this morning when an alarm rang that I was not awake! Draw deep inside over and over  and surrender to whatever is coming as those of us who are drawn are both exhausted and electrified by the tangible something out there that is bigger that we dare dream.

Ignite the fires

Surrender To The Pulse

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Having the wisdom to know that life is but a dream does not mean that we ignore living. Surrender dear friends. Our intellects, our hearts, and our souls are constantly being tested by the univsurrendererse. Life will create new challenges for you to face each time you prove yourself capable of overcoming the challenges of the past. What you deem difficult will always differ from that which others deem difficult. The tests you will be given will be as unique as you are. If you focus on doing the best you can and making use of the blessings you have been granted, the outcome of your efforts will be a joyous reflection of your dedication.