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Wild Week Ahead

OMG the equinox Wednesday and the new moon in Cancer on Saturday… giddy with possibilities. Hold on it is going to be a really wild ride this week. Live it fully with intent and from the One Heartbeat that beats for us all in perfect unity when we understand we are actually all connected. Frame it as one of the best opportunities of 2017 to make some long overdue changes, do not delay for it is high time for us to all collectively pull on our walking boots and step away, far away from old habits that have kept us stuck in an old record of illusions and dramas, it is time to be with the people and circumstances that are in your own highest interests.

Remind yourself of who and what always lifts your spirits and make them your priority.

“Yes, you are creating your reality AND reality is creating you.” Nassim Haramein.

This weeks free offering on my YouTube channel is about using Mantra – enjoy!

Tune in to your intuition for it really is the key to your freedom. Tune into the creative possibilities that you are capable of as this takes you into the timeless realms and It feels like a bliss filled eternity.

Tune into life itself for it seriously is magic. And all of this is within us, within every cell of our bodies. All of this is available at our fingertips know that nothing is impossible. We just need to stand up, be counted and break free from all expectations and perceived limits. And then we will soar higher than we ever dreamed

Stay curious

This is a gift picture from a dear friend amazing herbalist and online instructor Elizabeth Heck. It is now my screensaver and the plants have been guiding my new course on Faery Shamanism in some very mysterious ways.