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New Faery Shamanism Course Live Now

Welcome dear soul sisters and brothers

I am very excited to announce the birth of my late course “Divine Your Destiny  On The Faery Shamanic Pathway”. This is a course that has been channelled directly from our fae friends.

You are being called by our fae friends to reignite within you the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faeries. This is a place you know, a deep ache in your hearts that is calling you home. Together we are going to open the portals to the faery realms. They withdrew from us in the mists of time, however have always been on the fringes, looking, patiently waiting for us to come home to our understanding that we are one with all of creation.

This time of great upheaval on our Earth mother has prompted the faery folk to call us home to our hearts to help us heal ourselves and all that is seen and unseen.

Connecting with the faery helps you in your work with the cycles of the planet, guides you in preparation for the earth changes coming, stimulates and deepens your connection to your own soul – all in ways that are simple, joyful, profound and full of love.

Within the course there is a very special contribution by Herbalist Elizabeth Heck as she shows us how to make tea infused with faery magic.

Two extra gifts you for all. I have turned the course manual into a book, you may download it for free at it is also available as a PDF within the course, however I thought I would try this to see what you all think.

If you missed my Eclipse Alignment Webinar this morning it is now available on YouTube

On behalf of the those sentient beings seen and unseen thank you dear ones for being here.

May your light shine brightly

Sharon & our Fae friends.