21 Days to Rediscover the Feminine Divine

Your creative potential will be unleashed after undertaking this powerful womb healing event. Shakti, embrace the divine feminine and allow your spirits to soar. If you have suffered any abuse that has lead you to shut down, to withdraw, to become small and timid then this may assist your awakening.

"The womb is not a place to store fear and pain.The womb is to create and give birth to life". Marcela Lobos

It is time for you to become devotional. You will be accompanied on this spiritual pilgrimage by the planet Venus, by Shakti, by Isis, by Saraswati. Be inspired and learn to dream the big dreams of your health and loving womb.

This will allow you to let go and be free of the wounded feminine within, open the doors and learn to think with your heart to heal your wounds. Allow this transformation knowing you are safe, you are loved and respected. The old ways never left left us they are presented here and now to assist your healing your womb wounds.

This course is of value to both men and women who are struggling to honour the feminine divine. WE are each other not separate from each other.

Awaken the Feminine Divine

Your feminine divine deserves to be unleashed. Heal your soul wounds and awaken the bliss fire in your womb, your heart and mind. Embody your sexual sovereignty, and ignite your life. Your discounted coupon to my course – enjoy