Beat Procrastination NOW! Time Management Success

Beat Procrastination NOW! Time Management Success

with Denise Fletcher

Enabling Transitions Facilitator, Coach and Trainer

Denise has spent half her career working for various organisations seeing both good and bad practice in leadership, management and change projects. Out of frustration at how bad leadership and change can be she decided to try and do something about this and hence Enabling Transitions, her business was born. She enjoys her work and love making a difference for individuals and organizations

Learn why you procrastinate, what you procrastinate about and tips to banish procrastination from work and your life

Do you find yourself wasting time?

Do you have the same few tasks appearing on your To-Do list time and time again?

Do you want to be more productive everyday?

If you answered yes to these questions then this course will be ideal for you. It focuses on “procrastination the thief of time”.



Procrastination has always been a problem for me personally and as a coach I coach many people about it. It is a continual problem for many people. This course gets to the bottom of what procrastination is and what types of procrastination exist. The course examines where procrastination comes from and the problem it causes. There are specific lectures with tips to deal with “Perfectionism”, “Distractions”, if you “Don’t know where to start” and if you “Don’t want to do a task”?