Bindu Chakra

Discover the joys of Bindu Chakra, a beautiful way to help regulate your endocrine system and bring abundant bliss with ease.

Bindu Chakra will add an extra dimension to your ability to move through your life with a candour, bliss and ease you may have thought impossible. You will discover that nothing is impossible once you tap into the wonders, the spirituality and bliss that is the dripping nectar of Bindu.

This is a relatively short course to add to expand and build upon your current knowledge of the Chakra system.

This course uses the latest adult learning techniques to assist you in knowing the life you have been dreaming.

There will be a number of relatively short meditations (that you are advised to expand upon!) and video lectures to ease you into the bliss of Bindu.

Please take this course if you interested in expanding your awareness beyond the main seven chakras. Click the link below to take you directly to a discounted voucher for this course.

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Bindu Chakra

Bliss Bindu Chakra

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