It’s Elemental Don’t You See

It’s elemental  don’t you see. Elemental wisdom asks that we connect with the four corners of our beautiful planet and honour the directions.

It is time to go into nature, to touch to connect deeply with our mother Earth. Breathe in, drink deeply the sensations symbol-781748__180you feel as you connect and walk upon our Earth mother. Ask our mother Earth for her blessings and guidance, be still, quieten the thinking mind and allow the messages to seep into you, connect with her rhythm. Once you feel the connection allow your body to simply be. Thank our mother Earth for her blessings when you are done.
Earth rules the body and if we are not grounded or are struggling in some way physically, it would be great for you to get in touch with your body. Sharon Ramel has designed a great course to assist you to powerfully connect with your body and energetic system Chakra Dance & Meditate the Fun Way
Take the time now, go outside and connect with the element of Air, allow its sensual touch to dream into you, feel the white-tailed-eagle-660907__180sensations on Air on your being, enlivening, breathing your truth. Profoundly connected with the element of Air, you are now directly receiving the wisdom flowing into your pores as Air freely shares all the gifts that is has to offer you. Drink it deeply into your soul. When you are ready thank Air for its insights.
The mind is also ruled by the element Air. If you are suffering from mental agitation or depression, it may be that this element is out of balance. Yoga Teacher Teagan Fea has developed a wonderful course to help people with low self-esteem, a strong inner critic, or anxiety and or depression to come back into a place of balance and harmony. Healing the mind and reconnecting students with the heart. Click on this link for more information. Conquer Your Depression With The Power of Yoga & Meditation

It is time to connect with the element of Fire. There are many ways to receive the wisdom of Fire, lifireplace-615228__180ght a candle, maybe you have a fire pit outside or you may use the sun’s life filled rays. Feel the life of the Fire infuse with your being, allow the light to radiate and see you are connected with everything and everyone. Allow the wisdom messages of fire to flow and ask the element what special dreams it has for you. Thank the Fire for its wisdom.
Fire supports action and passion.  It is felt in the solar plexus and rules our digestive system.  If you are lacking purpose and find it difficult being motivated try this course by Barrett Clemenson Powell 30 Steps To Excellence
If you can go to the ocean, the river, or even a fountain or dam. Connect with the element of Water. Touch the water, walk inrays-69458__180 the water, feel the wisdom of all the dreams carried in Water. Ask the element of Water to share the dreams of carried in the droplets with you. Listen, feel, bend down take some water into your hand and look and feel its vibration. What does the Water want you to know? Thank the Water for its wisdom when you are done. Feeling out of touch the dive into this course by Sharon Ramel to help you along the way Daily Meditation Guide

Spirituality versus Religion

rose-window-536376__180Recognising that there is a big difference between religion and spirituality can be very helpful when we are trying to understand what spirituality means to different people. There are many types of spirituality that people sometimes base their beliefs around and also many great variety of reason why people choose to discover and immerse themselves onto a spiritual path.

Spirituality is something that’s often debated and commonly misunderstood. Many people confuse spirituality with religion and so bring pre-existing beliefs about the impact of religion to discussions about spirituality. Though all religions emphasise spirituality as being an important part of faith, it’s possible to be ‘spiritual’ without necessarily being a part of an organised religious community.

Spirituality and religion can be hard to tell apart but there are some pretty defined differences between the two:chakras-310119__180

  • Religion is a specific set of organised beliefs and practices, usually shared by a community or group.
  • Spirituality is more of an individual practice and has to do with having a sense of peace and purpose. It also relates to the process of developing beliefs around the meaning of life and connection with others.

One way that might help you to understand the relationship between spirituality and religion is imagine a team game, two sides take the field. The rules, referees, other players, and field markings help guide you as you play the game in a similar way that religion might guide you to find your spirituality.

Kicking the ball around a park, without having to play on the field or with all the rules and regulations, can also give you fulfilment and fun and still expresses the essence of the game, similar to spirituality in life.

People may identify as being any combination of religious and spiritual, but to be religious does not automatically make you spiritual or vice-versa. Many of us know many devoutly religious people whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired outside the church or temple.

New Faery Shamanism Course Live Now

Welcome dear soul sisters and brothers

I am very excited to announce the birth of my late course “Divine Your Destiny  On The Faery Shamanic Pathway”. This is a course that has been channelled directly from our fae friends.

You are being called by our fae friends to reignite within you the joy, creativity, wisdom and freedom of the faeries. This is a place you know, a deep ache in your hearts that is calling you home. Together we are going to open the portals to the faery realms. They withdrew from us in the mists of time, however have always been on the fringes, looking, patiently waiting for us to come home to our understanding that we are one with all of creation.

This time of great upheaval on our Earth mother has prompted the faery folk to call us home to our hearts to help us heal ourselves and all that is seen and unseen.

Connecting with the faery helps you in your work with the cycles of the planet, guides you in preparation for the earth changes coming, stimulates and deepens your connection to your own soul – all in ways that are simple, joyful, profound and full of love.

Within the course there is a very special contribution by Herbalist Elizabeth Heck as she shows us how to make tea infused with faery magic.

Two extra gifts you for all. I have turned the course manual into a book, you may download it for free at it is also available as a PDF within the course, however I thought I would try this to see what you all think.

If you missed my Eclipse Alignment Webinar this morning it is now available on YouTube

On behalf of the those sentient beings seen and unseen thank you dear ones for being here.

May your light shine brightly

Sharon & our Fae friends.

Wild Week Ahead

OMG the equinox Wednesday and the new moon in Cancer on Saturday… giddy with possibilities. Hold on it is going to be a really wild ride this week. Live it fully with intent and from the One Heartbeat that beats for us all in perfect unity when we understand we are actually all connected. Frame it as one of the best opportunities of 2017 to make some long overdue changes, do not delay for it is high time for us to all collectively pull on our walking boots and step away, far away from old habits that have kept us stuck in an old record of illusions and dramas, it is time to be with the people and circumstances that are in your own highest interests.

Remind yourself of who and what always lifts your spirits and make them your priority.

“Yes, you are creating your reality AND reality is creating you.” Nassim Haramein.

This weeks free offering on my YouTube channel is about using Mantra – enjoy!

Tune in to your intuition for it really is the key to your freedom. Tune into the creative possibilities that you are capable of as this takes you into the timeless realms and It feels like a bliss filled eternity.

Tune into life itself for it seriously is magic. And all of this is within us, within every cell of our bodies. All of this is available at our fingertips know that nothing is impossible. We just need to stand up, be counted and break free from all expectations and perceived limits. And then we will soar higher than we ever dreamed

Stay curious

This is a gift picture from a dear friend amazing herbalist and online instructor Elizabeth Heck. It is now my screensaver and the plants have been guiding my new course on Faery Shamanism in some very mysterious ways.

Roller Coaster Ride

Roller Coaster Ride

Life can take us on a roller coaster ride full of highs and lows and twists and turns. Many of us try to control the flow rather than going with it – this is cause of much disruption and sorrow in our lives. This desire for control comes from fear.

Our fears may come for an abundance of sources from physical safety, particularly if we are not feeling well, living under difficult circumstances, or doing work that exposes us to hazardous conditions. Or, we may be experiencing financial woes that are causing us to be fearful about making ends meet. Regular things we all go through. Know that you are not alone! It may be comforting to know that everyone gets fearful at times and it is perfectly OK. Sometimes just acknowledging our fears is enough to make us feel better. When the grip of fear envelops you could consider some course work to assist both Bindu Chakra and Anjali Mudra are two short courses that are great balms for our psyche – drawing deep into the core of who we truly are, And while it sometimes takes a lot of convincing to ease our mind, we can console ourselves with the knowledge that life can be like that at times. Giving ourselves permission to be worried lets us move through and release our fears. Relief can be had by sharing with others. Sharing our apprehensions with other people can make our fears less overwhelming because we are not letting them grow inside of us as pent up emotions. Sharing our fears also can lighten our burden because we are not carrying our worries all by ourselves. Remember that you are not alone. Above all when you feel burdened go into nature – for she provides a potent natural salve for the soul.

Where trees breathe
New life is born
Where each branch reaches out to me
I know myself held in the arms of purest generosity
Where the leaves fall I am blessed with a giving back
that nourishes the roots of my soul
For the trees reflect who and how I can be
Standing tall, true, honest and undeniably me
Unafraid to love, to give, to share and to bend
So I bless the forests
As I learn from them

~ Clare Dubois, TreeSisters founder

Stay curious

p.s The TreeSisters are one of the many organisations I donate money to on a monthly basis.



Dark Moon Dreaming

Dark Moon Dreaming

Are you listening to your inner wisdom – that deep knowing?

Keep focused and breathing as we draw into the dark moon – retreating, letting go and awaiting the new moon. This new moon starts an exhilarating cycle of freedom and self-expression literally pushing you headlong into uncharted territory. For me it is diving head first into living full time on the farm. I sit here at this moment in my city home – now devoid of all its treasures – only the memories remain, boxes everywhere – the stormy chaos of packing, moving and unpacking. In the midst of this I am taking notes dreaming and crafting two new courses – one of Shamanic Journeying and the other Faery Shamanism.

“This mystery; I walk towards you. You well up shining in me; Speak this, loudly . Hear nothing but Sea” – Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Notice this week how you are responding to the essences of life, how tuning into your heart centre and aligning with your core truth that this is increasing your ability to receive information not through the mind but via intuitive knowing .


Todays YouTube offering is about boundaries and how we use them to define, defend ourselves. Listen closely to the wisdom being carried by the winds, be totally tuned in. Picking up on each and every cue. Sensing all of them in their complex interrelations , vibrate and sway in peace and love grounded to our mother Earth and all of creation from here to evermore.
Sowing the seeds of peace



Surrender to the Pulse


‘Light is information; Love is creation.’

Barbara Marciniak

Surrender. Have you become aware that there is something big going on out there in the multiverse?  No less than an evolutionary burn is surging powerfully our bodies, cleansing our your energy field and our etheric body. Go with it, surrender – this is a time of great acceptance of the bigger picture that we may not be able to see at present. Absorb the waves of incoming data by physically taking time to rest, to sleep, to meditate. Personally I have felt as if I have had no sleep – though I know this morning when an alarm rang that I was not awake! Draw deep inside over and over  and surrender to whatever is coming as those of us who are drawn are both exhausted and electrified by the tangible something out there that is bigger that we dare dream.

Ignite the fires

Surrender To The Pulse

 “And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anais Nin

Having the wisdom to know that life is but a dream does not mean that we ignore living. Surrender dear friends. Our intellects, our hearts, and our souls are constantly being tested by the univsurrendererse. Life will create new challenges for you to face each time you prove yourself capable of overcoming the challenges of the past. What you deem difficult will always differ from that which others deem difficult. The tests you will be given will be as unique as you are. If you focus on doing the best you can and making use of the blessings you have been granted, the outcome of your efforts will be a joyous reflection of your dedication.


Hygge – Bring A Little Coziness Into Your Life

Hygge = Happiness

What would it be like to live the life you were meant to live? To have the world around you in alignment with your inner self? What steps can you take to to draw what you are seeking into your life? It is time to appreciate the value of time socially, for friends, family good food and drink, working to co-create a connection, less stress, more presence, happiness, pure joy and simplicity as these are the things that enrich our lives at a deeper spiritual level.

This course will help you transform your life. This course is meant for people genuinely wanting to create change in their life. You may be new to personal development or a seasoned seeker and if you are willing to put the energy into yourself you will benefit from this course. Your guide Sharon Ramel is here with you daily to assist answering your questions.

There is a space within our hearts – that special place that knows we are home in our heart centre. We are connected content present and happy. Hygge is a sense that wells up from within. So yes there are many external things that we may do to bring Hygge into our lives the most important journey is the inner path.

“Hygge was never meant to be translated – it was meant to be felt” – ToveMaren Stakkestad

Horn Blowing

Hello my friends,

I don’t often engage in horn blowing however I received this wonderful recognition from Udemy 

Happy Horn Blowing

 that I would like to share with you all. I was both stunned and pleased for the recognition.

“We are an ancient sort of resilient. Made for the falling and the rising. Made for the burning down and re-building from ashes. Made for the holy wonder of beginning again” Megan Watterson     

Dreaming Reality

Allow your dreams to blossom by daring to live in the presentscreen-shot-2016-11-21-at-5-27-40-pm by dancing at the edge of where ever you may find infinity? Stay on your Witness perch, stay grounded and commit to your emerging purpose allowing no distractions. For we only have four weeks left of this amazing year before we ring in the changes of the new.

Dive in graciously breathing deeply of the new, leave the past where it is there is no need for you to be watching old realities burn. Always keep in your heart that you have a free choice between comforting self-delusion or remembering your heart felt desire to embody the highest version of yourself in this lifetime. It is your call.

The picture contains a discounted link to the course I received the “gong” for.

“Your Life Purpose Revealed Through Yoga Nidra”

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”

Anais Nin


Maintain Peace

Sometimes when we look around we do not like what we see before our eyes. What seems to be happening on our Earth Mother can be very distressing. However keep in mind, there is so much going on behind the scenes of which we are not even aware. Worse, we aren’t necessarily allowed to be made aware of these things. This can lead to the general feeling globally of anxiety as we are aware we are being controlled by forces not necessarily with our best intentions at heart.

What can you do to be the "change you wish to see". Know that everywhere on our Earth Mother that like-minds are energetically coming together, causing vibrational frequencies that automatically rises up to higher dimensions.

  • ​Heal thyself - heal yourself on all levels. Take the time and courage to complete an honest inventory of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being.
  • ​Ask lots of questions especially of yourself. “What could I be doing better?"​ " Why am I doing it?” “What do I need to be doing?”
  • Honour your intuition today and always.
  • Be in a state of wonderment - amazed at the miracles in life, simply things we take for granted like a flower blossoming, find things that touch your heart.
  • Maintain a happy state of mind - happiness elevates your vibration levels. Negative emotions waste your time.​
  • ​Take time out every day to pause and remember why wanted to be here during these unprecedented times.

Be The Change You Wish To see

Relax and see peace, dream it, be it everyday.

Color Therapy Course Now Live

Hello my dear friends

I am very excited on this auspicious new moon to bring to you all my 9th course offering. This course comes to you as a collaboration with the amazing Kristen Palana, artist and academic extraordinaire. We are here together with our skills honouring colour and the wealth that it brings to our lives

“The Soul: a wide listening sky with thousands of candles ” Rumi

Why not embrace this thought: Say it to yourself out loud, shout it if that feels right or whisper is quietly to your dream self: whilst looking at the colours of the universe and the depth of wisdom they are trying to reveal to you. Listen – the keys to the opening the door are here with you now. Decide that this is the time and say:

“I take charge of my life and turn up the intensity of goodness. I set my dials on harmony, abundance, perfect health, loving relationships, wonderful opportunities, and everything else that my heart desires. I follow my guidance and keep my arms open to receive.”

You may receive this new heart felt offering for just $10US.  Please note that if you are from Australia or Canada that Udemy do not have favourable exchange rate for you and will round it up to $15 in your local currency. If you start the course real soon we would love an honest review and feedback from you.

Sometimes it is hard to believe and accept that we have the ability to regulate our energy, moods, finances, and many other areas of our lives. We seem as if we are being dragged along or rushed along a conveyor belt and cannot find the “I want to get off” button. We have it, we just have to be brave enough to press it. Color is one of the keys to being able to walk your talk.

Together with perfect love and perfect trust we have crafted this course as an offering from our hearts. We do hope you enjoy it as much as we did bringing it too you.

Shamanism For Everyday, Everywhere

Freedom is one of the gifts your soul is calling you to manifest. This creates wonderful life experiences and a sense of fulfilment in your life as the seeds of ourselves deepen into the fertile soil of possibilities. The truth of who you are really does set you free.


Today go out and choose to walk softly upon our Mother Earth – visualise each step you take as a prayer. Think about this – do not ask FOR anything – instead choose to directly manifest. For example. I pray peace, I pray rain, I pray sleep. Using the word for can create the window of doubt – of another answer. With each step see you prayer in its manifested form – really see it. Pray and play it forward into its full blooming. Because you can choose a new dream – you really can.

Bring your yourself home to the inner flame that ignites your dreams. Have you considered that maybe the path of the Shaman is calling you home?

The shaman is a human bridge between the unseen realms of guiding spirits and this world; present time—Now.  Shamanic practice requires full presence in the Now, as you cannot be a bridge to a place you are not present in.

Would you like to learn more about the Munay Ki? Know that when you sign up for this online course that we are all here together seeding these amazing Rites as a very practical form shamanism seeded into the very core and nature our being.  It is not outside the self, but within.  In one of our first steps together we will be in tapping into this aspect of self may be contained in two words:  Silent, Listen.  Look at these two words they have the same letters. What can you see in them? How do they make you feel? 

Shamanism in it many forms across this amazing planet everywhere teaches us that everything that exists is alive and has a spirit. Shamans see and speak the connectivity of a web of life and the living spirit that resides in all things. Everything on our planet earth is interconnected and any belief that we are separate from other life forms including the earth, stars, wind, etc is purely an illusion.

Balance between nature and nurturing our connections is at the heart of the place of shamanism throughout the world.

Munay Ki




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