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Chakra Dance & Meditation

Looking for something a little different? Then check out my latest course offered at we are going to work through the main seven chakras that run up and down the central meridian of your spine.

Each chakra has a specific location and purpose to keep us balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We will use a variety of tools from specific meditations to dance to cleanse clear and ensure they are heading in the right direction. We will have fun. You will enjoy a greater sense of vitality and freedom.

The chakra system has been extensively studied and described in Eastern systems of philosophy and medicine, although Western science remains skeptical their very existence. Nonetheless, awareness of the body as an energy system is increasing among forward-thinking scientists, and the chakras continue to play an important role in a variety of holistic healing disciplines.

Although tiny chakras exist all over the body, the seven major chakras are located in a rough line between the top of the head and the base of the torso. They’re often depicted as lotus flowers, with each chakra having a specific number of petals. Each is also associated with various colours, body parts, emotions and other attributes. We will look at the seven chakras in turn,

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