Color Therapy -How to Heal, Energize, & Soothe With Color

Discover how to use color for healing and energizing yourself and others through visualization exercises and meditations.

Working with color is an effective manner that you use everyday to create magic in every aspect of your life. You can use color to bring your heart felt dreams alive; to energise; to heal; to give you clear direction in your life.

Join us as we use color as a means to discover and realign our dreams together. You may also use color to strategically help influence the emotions and actions of others by what you choose to wear. Did you know that color increases brand recognition by 80%? Discover which colors will best serve your dreams, ideas, your message of who you are and where you are headed.

Discover the main chakra system. Chakras are our life force or vital energy. Some call them “the spinning wheels of light” located all over your body. The role of the chakra system is to be able to regulate the flow of our energy force or what we commonly known as aura. Once our energy force is blocked due to the many challenges and emotional roller coaster we find ourselves in may become ill – not only physically, mentally, but also emotionally. Discover how to use color to reverse this trend.

You will be given basic tools to allow you to see the auras that surround all thing things. With practice this vision will open for you.

Abundant blessings to you all on this color filled day.

Kristen & Sharon

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