Offering spirit based courses to encourage kindfulness and peace within each and everyone of us:


Be lured into the Mystery of life, so overwhelmed that there is nothing else to do but to let go, surrender to something primal, the passion of your  soul.

Weaving magic and crafting with nature is the way of my ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are.

Spirit Fuelled Courses To Ignite Your Blissfire:

hand crafted book

Hand Crafted Unique Gifts

If you live in Australia Carol Canzirri offers a range of spiritual products for you from essential meditation tinctures, paintings drawn from spirit to hand crafted books. Email her at

Women Empowered

Empowering Free Course

Make it Happen! Key Skills for an Empowered and Satisfying Life

By women and for women, this course pulls together lectures from an amazing array of spirited women to help you with your goals

As a Caretaker For The Land You See Featured Here

It is my honour to bring you courses that are created with love and honour from ancient wisdom for your spiritual growth. I am humbled that you are here and sharing life with me as it unfolds. Collectively and personally, we are being lured into the great Mystery of life, so overwhelmed that there is nothing else to do but to let go, surrender to something primal, the passion of the soul.

regeneration project

What My Students Soul Friends Are Saying:

Megan A posted April 13rd , 2017.

Spiritual Shamanic Rites: A Must

Thank you for this wonderful course. As a Reiki Practitioner this course greatly deepened my practice in Energy Work. Sharon is a thorough and calming instructor who has a wealth of knowledge.

A Mondorposted April 11th , 2017 

Magical Spiritual Witchcraft - This is a course I will go back to, this is not just a course, it is a living practice!

Informative classes, and the teacher is wonderfully passionate

Mandi Dposted April 12th, 2017 

Munay Ki Shamanic Initiation Rites 

Thank you Sharon

Sharon is extremely knowledgeable and pleasant to "work" with. You can tell that spirit flows through and around her. She spent a lot of obvious time making all the videos and slides to make sure her students have a thorough understanding. I am so grateful to have taken this step with the Munay Ki. Aho

Thank you once again

There is another story. Your authentic story. Live it now.

Open your heart and open your mind to the bigger picture of who you truly are. I am here for you sharing my wisdom and love via the world of on-line learning. " When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills" Chinese proverb. Healing and moving forward, learning new skills for personal mastery is now accessible in ways you could never have imagined. Dive in a drink deeply from the well. 

You will receive courses that will infuse you with the divine:

  • Spiritual growth and transformation begins with you here and now.
  • Engage is a deeper broader vision of who you are.
  • Take control of your spiritual development.
  • Become a person of wisdom in your lifetime.
  • You will become the witness in your life, no longer lost is drama and illusion.
  • Empowering tools to assist you everyday of your life.
There is a home and it contains an infinite field on consciousness.

All courses on this site are brought to you with love and inspiration.

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You have a full 30 days to immerse yourself fully in any course your purchase. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the course afull, no questions asked refund on your purchase price is granted. Give it a try, the risk is on us!