About Sharon Ramel, Faeshan

My name is Sharon Ramel or Faeshan at least that is the name my beautiful grandmother

Fae for faery, as I am a faery witch coming from a wonderous long line of fae witches on the matrolineal family line.

Shan for Sharon the name my parents gave their first born but not one my beloved nan would use – well not often.

Weaving magic and crafting with nature is the way of my ancestors. It is a gift we all have deep within the core of our beings. However it has been beaten and educated out of us. It is time to reclaim who we really are.

This site is dedicated to the re-birth of the essential you. We are all born beautiful and with the wealth of wisdom from the ancient ones. Lets leave the chaos behind the often  bumpy road of life and find some of the joy and knowing. Lets re-discover it together.


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