Heart Chambers Meditation

Heart Expansion Exercise Start with the three deep breaths and scanning your body for any places that you can let go. Allow your consciousness to drop down from behind your eyes, to behind your mouth, as if you are looking out through your mouth, then your throat, then and your chest from behind your heart, where you see your heart in front of you beating. Imagine seeing the heart and the lungs expanding and contracting on either side. Try not to see it as a physical being - see the emotion of your heart. Yes, the physical heart has four chambers that each have important jobs to do, but that’s not what we are seeking. We want to get in to the four energetic chambers of the heart. We are going to call the four directions through our hearts and tone each chamber to vibrate love Enter into your heart awaken the power of Love in the south chamber of your heart, the power of wisdom in the west chamber of your heart, the true power in the north chamber of the heart, and the power of vision in the east chamber of the heart. In the centre of your heart see a small sphere of bluish golden and white light; enter that sphere of light, which is the centre of your luminous body and is outside of the confines of ordinary space and time.
Merge with the light as if you are anywhere along its edge looking into the space held within the sphere. With each inhalation, allow the sphere to expand, first surrounding your heart, then your chest, then your whole body, then the room, then the building, the city, the state, the country, the continent, and the whole earth. You can keep going to the solar system, the galaxy and out to the edge of the Universe if you wish. Whenever you want, reverse the expansion and bring your consciousness and the sphere of light back around each space until you are back inside your heart. Step out of the sphere of light into your heart seeing the blood moving carrying the nutrients and oxygen even better than before. Back out of the heart and return up to behind your eyes and open your eyes.

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