Faery Shamanic Initiation

As a Faery Magical Shaman you will work with the elements, all of nature moving into the faery realms. You will grow with the seasons and recognise the call of the wild, the winds will whisper to you and you will answer their call. The natural world awaits your awakening and looks forward to working with you.

This course is not a romantic Hollywood story. Faeries are very real nature beings they have been with us always. All countries, all cultures are rich with the lore of those who live betwixt and between. This offering however is based on the hereditary stories of my Grandmother and all that I have learned since those early days.

Together, let us gently explore the pathways of the Faery Realm through incantation, invocation and ritual, seeking the magic within and the the magic around will be revealed to help you project your consciousness into realms beyond this world. It is time for us to anchor into the pulse that all of life beats with – the one we have tuned out from for far too long.

Shamanism is the oldest and most enduring human spiritual tradition. You have been called, you have been asked to reclaim that lost, rich heritage of working with faery folk that our Pagan ancestors took for granted. It is your time now to discover how to work with faeries in a mutually beneficial way. Personal experimentation and creative exploration are the heart and soul of Faery.

We are drawn to the ancient arts of shamanism for their enduring power to help us live a life of harmony, good health, and balance in our lives and with our planet.” —Sandra Ingerman

All of us have the potential to activate our own spiritual pathway. Practice and believing in ourselves allows us to awaken this potential.

As you deepen your own faery shamanic practice, you may start to perceive the forces and dimensions of the universe that are invisible to the normal five senses. You learn to see not with the eyes or the mind, but with the heart itself.

Standing in the mists of this morning

Seeing betweens the veils

Where there is no day, there is no night.

I tune in and see in this light

The crossroads where we shall meet

Calling in the faery blessed way

For all those with eyes to see

The gentle ways of those

Beings who live in between

Together let us be blessed

As we walk the faery way.

This course is dedicated to my maternal grandmother – my beloved Nan – who taught me to love the natural world, respecting every aspect of it as vital, connected, rich and vivid. She taught me to trust and to see, to speak with the Fae of their terms, to respect above all the guidance they freely grant – for those whose hearts are true.