The Power of Prayer Position

If you have ever attended a yoga class or a church or temple you will be familiar with the classic prayer position gesture of drawing your hands, palms together to your heart centre. At sacred gatherings Namaste, Amen, Shalom, Blessed Be are common closures used to complete at prayer, a ritual or any sacred intent to incorporate the experience into their lives.

Do you know the benefits of this classic position? Come with me and together we will explore the deeper possibilities of this powerful hand position or mudra. (Mudra means hand position in Sanskrit)

It is a universal symbol from the priests in the churches to the Dalai Lama peering over his fingertips. It is a little something that we can take heart from, find peace and solitude and closure. This is a power packed hand position and you will discover why.

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The Power of Prayer Position

Discover the Power in Your Palms

Introduction to Prayer Position