Natural Childbirth

Natural childbirth greatly reduces the risks for mother and for baby.

In most countries around the world, women deliver children naturally, without any anesthetics or drugs which can be damaging to the new-born child.Contrary to the popular opinion, childbirth does not have to be painful.

Childbirth is a natural process and women who tend to cultivate healthy and active lifestyles may find the entire process to be quite spontaneous and effortless. In cultures where women spent greater part of their days actively working in the fields, women would often experience a spontaneous and effortless birth, and the baby would come out as easily as a ripe pear falling from the tree, as my mother-in-law used to say.

Fear contributes to pain, because when you are afraid you tense your muscles, your block the flow of energy and you experience pain. If you relax and breathe, you let the energy move freely and there is no pain.

Eating healthy food, lots of fruits and vegetables, and having physically active lifestyle – at least daily walking for 30 – 60 minutes will contribute to your body being in optimal condition and your mind being in an optimal state for an effortless, easy, rapid, and pain free natural delivery.
My Experiences

I have attended child birthing classes for 3 months before my delivery was due.The classes were not theoretical, but experiential – rehearsing the delivery process over and over again, so when the time for delivery came I was fully prepared.I knew exactly at what stage of delivery I was and I knew exactly what to do.By the time I was ready for childbirth, I was not only confident, but the birthing has become almost a second nature, because I have rehearsed the process many times before.That’s exactly how this program is designed.

I have had two natural childbirths and not only was I able to fully participate in the birthing process, I was actually joking and laughing throughout the greater part of delivery.And I was so excited! It was an awesome experience being able to observe my children emerging into this world.

Both my childbirths were very fast.The first one lasted 2.5 hrs from the first contraction until the actual delivery; the second one was only 1.5 hrs from the first contraction until the actual delivery.

Because I was fully aware of each stage of delivery, I didn’t even go to the hospital before I was in the last stage of delivery process, so I practically delivered my children as soon as I arrived to the hospital.Because I was joking and laughing a lot, the midwives couldn’t believe that I was actually ready to deliver.

I only had few tears in my eyes after I received a bouquet of roses.
About Natural Childbirth Hypnosis Program

Natural Childbirth Hypnosis CD guides you through rehearsal of the actual process of delivery.It guides you not only through relaxation, but through different stages of delivery, and teaches you several different kinds of breathing that facilitate easy, smooth and fast childbirth.By the time you are ready to deliver your baby, you’ll be fully prepared and you’ll know exactly what stage of delivery you are in and what you need to do for the most enjoyable birthing experience.

Subliminal, supraliminal, and supraliminal plus CDs are designed to impress the suggestions for easy, fast and pain-free delivery straight to your subconscious mind, so that when the time comes, your body will be releasing an abundance of pleasure hormones making you delight in the joyful event all the way through.

For best results I recommend that you work with hypnosis recording once a day, if possible also listen to supraliminal plus recording once a day, and then listen to subliminal or supraliminal recording throughout the day when you are engaged in other activities.

If you enjoy working with mantras, you can also listen to mantras for childbirth, which are designed to lift your spirits and bring about easy, speedy and enjoyable childbirth.
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