Opening Sacred Space in Orchid Valley

Welcome to Orchid Valley. This is a place I call Eagle Ridge as it is imbued with the spirit of great Eagle plus often has live eagles flying around. The original name of the farm meant the “place of two eagles”. When we open sacred space we draw deeply into the timeless time where we leave the ordinary world behind.

To create Sacred Space. We do this with an invocation to the four directions, East, South, West and North.

We also invoke and connect with the energies of the Earth and the energies of the Heavens.

As we invoke the four fundamental forces of creation, the Earth and Heaven energies, we become fully connected to our own ecosphere.

Calling upon these energies creates a profound change to the vibration of the space we are working in.

This space becomes truly Sacred and is the microcosm of the Sacred and infinite universe where all things are possible. In this space we leave behind the affairs of ordinary life, the bustling world of meetings and schedules, and prepare to meet the divine. Sacred space allows us to enter our quiet inner world where healing takes place. Within sacred space our burdens become lighter, and we can be touched by the hand of Spirit.