The origins of this creation

The Origins

The origins of this creation were in the Alexandria Library on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea many thousands of years ago I plied my trade in the wisdom and honour of the Gods. Between the pillars of knowledge we healed and wrote to preserve the integrity of those wondrous times. Those honoured learned then knew the sacred script, learned then knew the secrets of the gods and the mysteries of the land. Thoth, (pronounced ‘tot’) and his partner Sekmet, the great god and goddess of writing and knowledge brought the gift of Medu Netjer (‘God‘s words’) to us all. For hundreds of years this sacred script was used to record the words and deeds of the pharaohs and the gods and goddesses.

With the news that a mathematician scientist from the Harvard University has discovered that Ali Baba’s magic carpet could in fact be real – (in ancient times mathematicians used to be philosophers; this man obviously has a touch of the ancient ways). It is now time to journey to the truth once known. Many have been honoured to work these times and those. It is an honour to walk these times and ancient times. It is with a radiant shining heart that I here in the now breathe in the nectar of those who have passed and give these gifts back to humanity.

The knowledge has been kept safe until now, only glimpses of my former world have been shown as mankind has not been kind to the honour of the truth as it was and is known. It is the truth and knowledge of the sacred that I hereby gift to you.

Mine is not the only one. There are many ancient civilizations with truth to reveal, the 7000 year old Tantra springing from the not at all mythical Mount Meru tells us that the time of Kali Yuga is coming to an end and a new dawn in arising. The Pagans and Witches know the truth in their own words and ways, honouring themselves and the soul of the earth. The Maori have only ever known the truth of the spirits and the land they walk. The Mayan calendar ends soon in 2012 so the new dawn can come and burn brightly. This precise end was also told by Hermes Trismegistus of ancient Egypt living of the opposite side of the known world to the Mayans. It is not to be feared but embraced. In every death there is a new birth or beginning. Western culture in particular has not embraced death as a natural part of the life process; death has been feared and used to control us. It is time to let go and spread our wings.

Many have been trampled along the ways and through the times by missionary zeal, whilst they, the missionaries, may deeply believe their truth, it is hierarchical, patriarchal misguidance at its best. Dominant, oppressive and damaging to the heart and soul of our lives and land. The teacher Christ never meant it to be that way. Mans interpretation told a story he did not. Never did Christ ask for the libraries of knowledge to be burned, the keepers and knower’s of the land – the midwives and herbalists trivialized and trampled underfoot. We witches always were and are kind custodians of the natural ways (God’s given ways) and should never have been hung not burned with our traditions trampled. The Cathar time honoured and deeply rooted in the truth hounded then walked to their fiery end at the inquisitor’s venom. The European horned God was revered and did not deserve to cast as the devil. We witness the terror reigned upon women and the earth of the countries that hold Islam dear to their hearts – Allah was kind and all knowing – never did Allah seek the persecution of women. However, let us not pot the history of fundamentalism of any religious tradition for we do not seek to loathe and or put down those who have in the past oppressed. Fundamentalism of all religions is an anthema to the earth and its people. The earth does not need us, we need the earth.

Yet as we collectively continue to seek an external patriarchal God from Allah to Christ, we continue to destroy and not honour our own life and land. Neither Allah not Christ would have chosen the ways we have.

The new dawn is an ancient one, a path we have all walked before. Come with me as I share with you the unfolding joy that the crystal reality mirrored above us shines to us each and every day.