Sacred Space Sacred Time

Take part everyday and see your spirits soar

Sacred Space Sacred Time

Enjoy creating your sacred space. It does not need to be elaborate, not does have to be permanent! However if you have the space then dedicate an entire room (this is my plan one day!). This room can become your healing space for meditation, yoga. A haven or retreat. However if all you have is a small corner of a room then so be it. My favourite is to go out into nature with no tools others that what our divine mother earth has gifted. It is very important to create an inviting atmosphere for both you and your helping spirits/guides to come through to offer you assistance. If the space feels inviting to you it follows that it will feel inviting for ceremony.


Personally I have many alters in my home, from a simple bedside one on the floor, my work desk pictured here and more. Every new moon I create a sacred space alter to usher in the juiciness of the growing moon and all the gifts she brings us. It does not need to be big or complicated, but it needs to provoke sacredness and beauty in your eyes.

On a flat surface, like a table or bench, you may like to set a nice cloth and in the middle put a bowl with water. The water will absorb the prayers and then you may offer it to the Earth for her healing, we have three waterways. We are blessed at the farm with many water options so I often do this. You may also place a glass of water to sip afterwards. The water imbued by the power of ceremony and this in turn heightens the post ceremony sensory awareness that you have. Take your time and slowly add to the "essence" of your spiritual space. If you have a close affinity with the energy of a particular animal, then place a statue or picture of that animal within your area. If you have a particular connection to a wand, cauldron or medicine wheel, then place that object within your space. Know that there are no rules - only what works for you. I like to have the elements of Earth Air Fire and Water covered.

sacred space sacred time

Many I know like to make their alter spaces up with all natural materials. You may feel that natural objects help you connect with the natural forces around you, then add them to your space.

Some things you may want to consider putting in your alter space are:

• Candles of varying colour. For so extra juice you amy like to source aromatherapy candles (try to avoid artificially scented candles).

• Crystals and stones for use in future rituals. (Don’t forget to give them a full moon bath)

• Smudge sticks, incense or aromatherapy oils for cleansing and clearing.

• Don't forget the matches.

• Any other blessings you have received - a feather, a seashell, a leaf, a bell, look around and see what you wish to use. Use your imagination as the sacred exists everywhere you turn.

Have fun and use your intuition as this is your space and time for the sacred.


If you have access to a place in nature that feels good and inviting then you may perform the ceremony there. It is especially ideal if you have a water in the form of a lake as it resembles the womb of the Earth, a river, stream, maybe you are near a farm and there is a dam you can be by. You are creating sacred space and using the gifts of our Earth mother. It can also be under a tree near your house as this picture is, maybe a forest, alongside a big rock, atop a mountain, or any place that helps you feel the sacredness of life. Once you have chosen your space again cleanse and clear, place some sacred objects - seeds, flowers, some pebbles, sea shells. Look inside and see what/who calls you. Above is a picture of a recent outdoors alter I made for ceremony at out farm under a majestic proud tree.


Either indoors or outdoors, it is important to share the healing with our Mother Earth. Thank her for the gifts she has given us during our time here.

If you are indoors, you can use the flower petals to blow your prayers into the unseen worlds and then put the petals in the bowl of water. At the end of the ceremony you release that water directly on the Earth or a river or a lake. You may like to have a small food offering - something symbolic maybe some spice seeds or some oats that would eat for breakfast.

If you are outdoors, you can also blow your prayers onto leaves or flower petals you have collected and give them directly to our Mother Earth. If you feel that there is something more appropriate to blow your prayers into then go with your intuition.


Take a good look around where you live and work. Be totally honest with yourself as to what you see as It can be very difficult to cultivate inner peace when your surroundings are cluttered and chaos reigns.

One of our responsibilities is cleaning, monotonous, constant and generally unavoidable! If you have been on many yoga retreats (not the five star ones!) they generally ask everyone to commit - seva - service as this provides the perfect opportunity to become one with everything you focus your awareness on. You often see in films people on their knees scrubbing the toilet block and toilets. It shows us that all tasks need to be complete and no-one is above cleaning their own ……. By living in the moment you can turn anything and task no matter how mundane or seemingly unpleasant in a form of yoga we call devotional yoga - bhakti.

whilst performing the task at hand try chanting a mantra, repeating an affirmation, sending love and light to someone in particular or the world. You will see that the task become enjoyable and time simply disappears into a wonderful fusion of being. Did you know that research has shown people who have a clean neat home have lower stress levels? (Now I am not talking about obsessive compulsive here - that is another problem again). Many of us take greater car of our cars than we do our body - yet our body is our living temple. As you discover the calling of caring for your home focus also on your body and care for it as much as you care for your home. Our home becomes our sanctuary and this is a very important step in creating a sacred life as we cultivate scared space that is embodied in the home we live in.

Clutter Be Gone!

A very effective way to change your life is to go through every room systematically and de-clutter. Clearing clutter is a proven therapy for creating change in your life. Are there any items that you could sell on EBay or maybe hold a garage sale - which is a great way to meet new people.

Nothing new can come into your life while you are grimly or otherwise clinging to “stuff”, know that it is just “stuff”. Does it have historic value? Maybe the local historical society be a better place for it…. I am thinking of my husbands second hiding place for ancient farm equipment dead for more than 40 years now). Sometimes if there is a lot of clutter, it can be overwhelming to declutter. However the only way to work is to actually make a start somewhere and know that once you have cleared the old and unwanted from your space and your life, you can begin to make room for something new. Some people say that you can use it to create significant changes in your life, for example if you want a new love interest in your life, create room in your wardrobe. You will find that all areas of your life will start to flow more easily once you have drawn the line in the sand and de-cluttered your home.

• Start small: Pick a linen cupboard or maybe a chest of drawers.

• Invest time and commit to clean: Simply spending 10-20 minutes at least fives of the week decluttering and putting things aways, fluffing pillows, straightening rugs all brings a sense of calm order. This will pay off in no time at all.

• Put a little pressure on yourself by inviting friends for a weekend sit in party or maybe host a swish dinner party in your de-cluttered newly spacious realm.

Natural and Clean

Too many of us reach for a variety of highly toxic cleaners from the supermarket. Many can make you very sick, read the labels and avoid them if you can. There are many safe options and they often don't cost a lot of money. Consider your environment, both your body, your home and our Earth mother. Are you contributing to the toxicity of your home? Do not trust the tired and true brands - too much cost cutting over these last few decades - you might be horrified to learn what is actually in the cleaners you are using. Use natural cleaning solutions whenever possible by combining water, vinegar and water are perfect of tiled floors. You may like to add a few drops of an essential oil for a delicious smell. Generally bicarb and vinegar solutions can be used everywhere. There are many references on line as to how to effectively use these simple, cheap cleaners.

Your Cleaning Routine Gets Spiritual

Swiftly clear away negative energies by using the power of intention, to rid you body and home of lingering stale energy from past arguments or illnesses. Use candles, sage, or incense—or just create an intention while performing basic cleaning tasks. The ritual of a spring clean is well known and simply a great idea to do at least once per year. Better still every new moon do a mini “spring clean” to seed your intentions.

• Before you begin set your intention for cleaning, clearing, protection, and blessings

• I like to start with a little drumming and often whistle whilst I am working. Smudging every room with sage is a great idea along with running salt around the perimeter after an “unfortunate event” to clear the energy. Using sound, scent, and nature to help elevate the energy level in your home

• Honour you space by creating an altar in at least one area of your home filled with “bits and pieces” that are calling you.

• Try and experiment and see if different spaces activate different chakras within you - you can do a chakra cleanse in relation to both the room you are in and your chakras.

• Play around with colours and see how the feeling of the room alters when you change them. What resonates better for the room and inside you?

Harmonious Space

Vastu (think feng shui however originating in India) and feng shui share some common themes. Vastu, means the environment and that everyday you are reacting to your surroundings. By following vastu as much as possible, we honour the rhythms that control the universe and establish harmony with nature and ourselves. Look around you and see what you can streamline space wise.

• Use lighting set the mood for your space. Your choice of lighting can set the tone for a room. Bright lighting can be welcoming or energising, awakening the mind to the possibilities that lie ahead. Word of caution - some of the new light system are actually painful to look at and create a very cold harsh space despite their brightness - so research well if you’re planning of changing the lighting in your sacred home. Soft lighting can trigger relaxation at the end of the day, be seductive and calming. Candle light adds it own magic as it dances around the room it is filling.

• Let your space guide you, every now and again I like to clear all the furniture out of the house (my partner gets that oh my…….).However when your space it clear, cleansed and smudged it affords you the opportunity to see it with different eyes. Maybe that side table doesn't really suit anymore. The bookstand belongs in another room as it feels more comfortable there. It is fun and you end up with a different looking home. Plus your artwork - I learned this living in China many moons ago - on the change of the seasons (twice a year in Southern China). To this day I change the artwork around on the walls, the same with little decorating tridents and collectables. Some things go away, some things come out. It is a delight to rediscover that which you have not seen for some time.

Cleaning Consciously

Most of you are aware that I am a strong advocate of daily yoga practice as it is beneficial for both our mental and physical wellbeing. Understanding that physical movement is important to our health however many of us don’t always have time for a formal yoga class of gym session - I certainly don’t. You can get you fail dose of exercise 20 from creatively going about the housework .

• Consider your posture whilst folding the laundry or ironing it and washing dishes. Try placing a yoga block between your thighs and squeeze it. This brings awareness to the tilt of your pelvis. Plus it works to prod you to stand straight and feel your heels grounded into the floor with your knees over ankles and hips over knees.

• Making the bed, vacuuming the floor ensure your core is engaged and practice conscious breathing, watching your breath rise and fall with ease, deep and slow. Try extending your breath out to the count of seven in then seven out whilst remaining calm and focused on the beauty of the made bed, the clean floor.

Sacred Space Sacred Time

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