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Welcome to this beautiful sacred offering gifted from me to you. May you be filled with the peace offerings that this meditation brings to us all.

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Welcome to the kula

This is a community that practices life-affirming spiritual discipline. We reject the notion and significance of class and gender division.

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Our vision of reality provides you with a focus, a map to assist you in making life honouring decisions that support your inner most desires.

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There's a Sacred Space within each of us. It's a space where Extremes meet, where one's Light becomes one single Whole with the Soul of the Nature, where Health, Trust and Wellbeing are the only possible dimensions.

Well, There is where Sharon takes you, step by step, with the Mastery of her Ancient Soul.

No need to rush, though: the precious Gifts are disseminated along the way, and the Prizes are for those who contemplate them.

It's a long Journey and I've just started it. Going to add more insights as the Path through the Rites unveils. Thank you Sharon for such a great Gift to the Udemy Community! : review from Danilo Tambione‚Äč

Heart Love