The Magic of Writing Your Own Spells and Rituals

Sometimes the mere thought of writing is daunting. I smile as I recall doubtingly trying to create a spell all by myself. Normally I am full of ideas, however with a blank sheet of paper and coloured pencils in front of my my mind was as blank as the page. Gently I prodded my self and decided some automatic writing would be good start as I had in mind the reason I was wishing to craft a spell. After a while dreaming and birthing them became easier however there are many times I turn to prewritten spells.

Working with rituals, invocations and spells on a regular basis leads you quite naturally to wish and dream your own into being. Although I admit is very handy to be able to go to the bookshelf and find a spellbook, utilising a formula that someone else has already created.

However it is very satisfying to create and craft home spun spellwork, because when you build a spell yourself, from the ground up, you infuse it with your wishes, your soul, your breath then this spell won’t simply be something you read from someone else’s pages—it will carry your own dream signature resonating through your entire being. It will be much more powerful and complete than any ready-made charm could ever be.

1. Preparation:

Gather some paper, some pens and pencils, maybe some watercolour pencils (I really working with these). Maybe a glue stick to paste an inspirational message to theme you have cut our from somewhere else. I have a small box of pictures, markings, sequins, feathers, all kinds of bits and pieces I like to randomly glue on my pages. If you have them gather your spell books or bookmarks on your computer. Think about creating an altar to set the scene, I love to have boring aromatic candles around me at all times, I usually choose lavender and sandalwood when I am seeking a little inspirational guidance. Gather a few healthy snacks, your favourite herbal tea and a flask of filtered water (in case it is a long journey…)

2. Set Your Goal:

What is it you wish to bring to life?Are you creating a spell to clean and clear you home or calling for harmonious friendships to come your way. Maybe you are entering a period of self-initiation into the ways of the craft and want to set out your agenda for the learning ahead. Once you know why you are here and what you wish to achieve write a short clear bold statement about your intention.

“I am here to begin studying this online Magical Witchcraft course to bring magic into my life”

Now decorate this if you wish as it is to become your signpost to inspire and guide you. Place it in a prominent place.

3. Gather Your Tools:

Take out a fresh piece of paper, I especially love hand crafted paper - the feel texture, the smell of it inspires me - however any piece of paper will do. I recall once at a dining table in a restaurant making one on my paper napkin! I have a set of coloured pens I like to write with and I offer a blessing to them overtime I use them. I also write a lot on laptop and would be lost without it. However there is something very organic about committing pen to paper. It seems my intentions flow more smoothly and words come with a grace and ease that sometimes escapes the computer driven word. Once you are satisfied with your work it may become a part to your Book of Shadows.

4. Ground Your Energy:

Time out, take a few moments to centre yourself, receiving your breath with grace and ease, just sitting with your breath expanding yourself into universal consciousness. Understand that writing can be an emotional and intense experience as we are calling forth wisdom and depth from the other realms. Thus both at the beginning and the end it is a good idea to take some time, to breath to please and clear. Many like to call on a goddess, an element, some inspiration to assist and guide the way.

5. Ready Steady Hands On Go Time:

Time to begin in earnest. Establish when you will invoke the spell. Maybe it is aligned with a lunar phase, a sabbot for example. An Initial spell for example is best for either the new moon or the beginning of the week. Will other people be involved in your spell casting, if so do you have ceremony planned or is it be spontaneous or a combination of the two. A combination is my favoured approach as it gives structure without being rigid. Consider the tools you may need to raise the energetic energy of the spell work - the candles, tools, cards, crystals, flowers. As you begin to work keep a little side margin to write down your thoughts on the tools of the spell. Occasionally look to your short intention statement to ensure you are on track.

6. Write Your Spell:

Do you like rhyme, do your prefer conversational, song like or crafted like a short poem? How is it spilling out of you and onto your page/ It depends really on the type of spell or ritual you are crafting. Don't worry about the meter write now just start to get some words down on your paper, then look back at the structure and see what it brings. Does it have a pulse? A drumbeat? A sirens call? Once the basics are on the page you can add the magical poetry finding rich wealthy words to embellish and explore the feelings of what you wish to bring into being. Once you have something down, say it out loud and say it again and again, let it flow from you and see how it changes from your basic written word into a fluid bound spell. If actions start to rise in your heart then add a little side not with an asterisk or some pointer to mark the way it will come into being.

7. Rehearse and Word Your Spell:

You have more or less captured the essence in words and now it is time to gather all those elements you consider essential for the making of your spell. Many of us like to commit the spell to memory as it grows with intention and becomes a part of who we are, it also allows to be free and enjoy the moment of release from here to evermore.

8. Looking Back:

Yes the work is not done, now you have preformed your spell in ceremony it is time to sit back down, takes noted and evaluate. How did it go? How did it feel? Are there changes you wish to bring to the spell? Once complete then file this away for future use as a prompt for the next time you may wish to use your spell. If the spell projects into the future make time to evaluate as it passes, adding notes along the way. Once done do not forget to thank the pens, the paper, letting go the process clearing and cleaning so all is readying waiting for you next time. I like nothing more than to smudge myself, tools and the area I am in.


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Writing your own spells and rituals is fun